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  1. Domestic Violence: Re: Simple Assault/ Domestic Violence State Charges, Girlfriend Did Not

    1- Don't worry about anyone finding out when you apply for work etc. in Domestic Relations Court those records are sealed and they will not show up except for police and the courts. They will not...
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    Re: Stopped for No Reason

    The most well-known definition of probable cause is "a reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime".[1] Another common definition is "a reasonable amount of suspicion, supported by...
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    Re: Stopped for No Reason

    1- The stop is questionable, he is wrong if he had no probable cause to make the stop. 2-A officer can search a vehicle within "ARMS REACH" for weapons (On a valid stop) In some circumstances an...
  4. Re: Questioned As Witness Without Being Read My Rights

    The police can question anyone without reading Miranda, if they decide to use any of the questions in a prosecution of you, and they did not Miranda you, you can make a motion to suppress all...
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    Re: Can Police Threaten Witnesses

    ABSOLUTILY NOT! Police or anyone else can not threaten a witness (Wittiness intimidation) I am not totally aware of your details but I would suggest you research the matter. If intimidation is...
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    Re: Failure to Pursue Charges

    You can get a warrant on that person yourself, but make sure you are really able to prove the case as to avoid being sued for malicious prosecution. Talk to your local Magistrate.
  7. Re: Police Wouldn't Make Arrest or Take a Report, and Threatened Victim With Arrest

    The best thing to do when filing a complaint with about a police officer is to also file a complaint with the F.B.I Civil Rights Division, They compile all complaints on all departments in the U.S....
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    Re: Police Arrest Over a False Charge

    You May Report the matter to the F.B.I. Civil Rights Division. RE: Not investigating the complaint.
  9. Thread: Unlawful Stop

    by chiefva

    Search and Seizure: Re: Unlawful Stop

    Based on the circumstances, you saw the police, then made a u-turn is reasonable suspicion, a prerequisite to probable cause. Probable cause, he smelled weed when the window was rolled down. The stop...
  10. Civil Rights Issues: Re: License Must Be Carried Even when Not Driving

    In the united states of America, You are not required to identify yourself to anyone, including police. If you are driving you might have to show your drivers license. This is not Communist China and...
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