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  1. Quiet Enjoyment: Re: Landlord Possessions, Failure to Meet Lease Agreement

    In todays' residential housing market, there are more renters and LLs than ever. Many of these LLs have not done their homework on the LL-T statutes of their states. Too bad, these statutes almost...
  2. Re: Billing for Services Long After Work Completed

    Correct.Again correct and how the law may treat this asset transfer is the impending reality. Consequently, the property transfer needs to be addressed by a professional in this field otherwise, if...
  3. Rental Agreements: Re: How to Back Out of a Deal to Rent An Apartment - Rent Paid, Lease Not Signed

    You either supplied a deposit or you paid rent, one or the other, according to the paperwork you signed.What you are describing is a refundable deposit but without seeing the paperwork...We are going...
  4. Re: Court Jurisdiction for a Boundary Dispute

    When you bought the lot, what did the survey show as it pertains to the fence and lot lines? If it shows that your fence is on your neighbor's property, you may have bought yourself a lot and a...
  5. Re: Billing for Services Long After Work Completed

    Au contraire, NEVER is a long lasting word. If the governing, taxing body sees that the gift is not transferred by a "detached and disinterested generosity" of the donor, and the courts are literally...
  6. Giving Notice: Re: 30 Days to Vacate Instead of 60 Days on a Month to Month Lease in Michigan

    Look at your lease and if it does not address how and when you are to notify then it appears that MI law asserts 30 days. I would put that in writing and hand it to your LL backed up by a second copy...
  7. Security Deposits: Re: Secuirty Deposits


    OCGA 44-7-31 thru 35 is further defined by

    44-7-36 G

    Code Sections 44-7-31, 44-7-32, 44-7-33, and 44-7-35 shall not apply
  8. Roommates: Re: Roomate (on the Lease) is Trying to Evict Me (Not on the Lease) California

    You will see the above finding repeated consistently in most states.

    As I previously stated, the LL does not recognize the subletting...
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    Foreclosure: Re: Contract for Deed in Las Vegas

    Yes and no. :D
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    Re: Easements and Construction

    You didn't say what state and that will matter. Easement, metes and bounds and similar legal wherewithalls can be very complex matters and I would hasten to suggest that you find competent and...
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    Eviction Process: Re: Understanding Georgia Eviction Law

    Give her 30 days notice to vacate in writing telling her that if she has not moved by that time, you will consider her trespassing and act accordingly.
  12. Security Deposits: Re: Secuirty Deposits

    Are you paying your brother a fee to act as your Holder?Home renting LLs typically mix security deposit funds with their own funds without placing them in escrow. If there is a 3rd party holder of...
  13. Roommates: Re: Roomate (on the Lease) is Trying to Evict Me (Not on the Lease) California

    My dear man, you nor the OP can have it both ways. Either the tenant is legal...or not. If not, then he is certainly subject to be a trespasser. If you do not believe it so, ask either the LL or the...
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    Eviction Process: Re: Sublet Laws on One Month Stay

    You don't say whether or not your sublet is recognized by the Lessee's Landlord. I would imagine not.

    Here's the fair news. Your Subletter may have violated his lease making him subject to...
  15. Roommates: Re: Roomate (on the Lease) is Trying to Evict Me (Not on the Lease) California

    It appears you are not a legal tenant and that your roommates may have violated the lease by subletting to you without LL consent. That would expose you as a trespasser and the LL could evict your...
  16. Roommates: Re: Roomate's Short on Rent, Lease Almost Over

    Assuming all this nastiness happens and you end up sucking through the short straw :( you could take your case to a small claims court locally. Get all your facts in order and all evidence you have...
  17. Re: Can a Privacy Fence Be Exactly on Property Line or Does It Have to Be Offset

    Have you thought about how you are going to maintain the two feet of your property on the other side of the fence?
  18. Re: Billing for Services Long After Work Completed

    Yes and yes and by accepting the work without payment, she is accepting a gift which may be taxable. She needs to get the value of the work in writing tendered as a gift or some such language...
  19. Roommates: Re: Is My Roomate Resposible for Part of the Rent

    Each of you are 100% responsible for the rent payment.To go to your LL and beg to have the lease terminated. Drag "Broken Foot" along with you perhaps there will be sympathy.
  20. Roommates: Re: Ex-Roommate is Making Excessive Claim for Utilities

    Bottom line. Collect your facts that are directly pertinint to your claim that you are being overbilled. Judges don't give a shiny hoot about anything else. Calm demeanor, facts and well presented...
  21. Security Deposits: Re: Security Deposit Given, but No Lease Signed - Can I Get It Back

    Only if the deposit taker is a kind, honest human being. :p If not, the amount of legal hassle, time and effort that you will have to go through, assuming the deposit taker even acknowledges you gave...
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    Rent and Utilities: Re: Landlord Lying and Using Scare Tactics

    Seems only fair. A deposit is a monetary escrow of sorts against financial damage caused by the tenant so why not? :p
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    Rental Agreements: Re: Breaking a Lease in Michigan

    Legally no you cannot unless the lease has a termination clause prior to the end of the annual term.

    Let's talk practically. If you sign the lease and decide to move, your LL could hold you...
  24. Quiet Enjoyment: Re: Landlord Possessions, Failure to Meet Lease Agreement

    Keep in mind that you would have a claim if LL fails the quiet enjoyment part of your lease by not only the terms that you have mentioned in this thread but also by allowing the house to proceed into...
  25. Quiet Enjoyment: Re: Landlord Possessions, Failure to Meet Lease Agreement

    I haven't followed this Act as closely as I should. What I do know from past experience is that bank attorneys know the ins and outs of LL-T statutes and case law and can be aggressive in pursuing...
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