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  1. Pretrial Procedure: Re: New York Criminal Proceedure How Do I Get Discovery: Violation Ticket

    Plead not guilty. Insist on a trial. Send a written request to the DA for his evidence. If you don't get it file a Motion to Compel Discovery.

    Frankly, I have no clue as to whether any of that...
  2. Violation & Enforcement: Re: Using Someone Else's Mailing Address

    I can't read your restraining order from here but I'm guessing that nobody is violating the "letter" of the order and it's certainly not illegal to use somebody else's address.

    Your boyfriend's...
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    Re: Removal of Personal Property

    Duplicate post reported.

  4. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Am I Liable for People Using Right of Way

    Here's the concrete answer. You are liable for somebody's injury if your NEGLIGENCE causes that injury. Your homeowners insurance pays if you are negligent and defends you if you aren't.

    It's that...
  5. Re: Bought Insurance Fraud Car and They Want It Back

    And here you are again, with the same kind of drivel. Keep it up and hopefully you'll get banned from the site.

  6. Sale and Deficiency: Re: Buyer Backs Out of Car Purchse Payment Agreement

    Denimkaty, you're an idiot.
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    Theft and Larceny: Re: Theft by False Pretenses

    PG1067 is an attorney. If not in law school now, presumable once was.

    True. Nevada does have such a statute. Here's the pertinent part:

    Note the emphasized words. What "evidence" do you...
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    Re: Ex Lied About Daycare Cost


    Meaning she didn't actually succeed.

    No harm, no foul. Get over it. Just make sure you verify everything before you pay from now on.
  9. Re: Lease Paid in Full - Landlord Charging Early Termination

    They are crooks and they are counting on you not suing from Ohio.
  10. Re: California Tow from Private Lot with Pets Inside

    It was the night of the King's castration
    And everyone hoped the old ball would come off well.
    "Where is the Queen?" said the King.
    "She is in bed with laryngitis" said his aide.
    "Kill the...
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    Theft and Larceny: Re: Theft by False Pretenses

    You handed over the money without the car and the title right there in front of you.

    No. The correct action is go to the police station now and...
  12. Wills: Re: In Wa State Must or May Executor Be Paid if One of Beneficiaries

    Don't be greedy. If there are multiple beneficiaries you could get sued for misfeasance or malfeasance which will tie up the estate and make lawyers very happy.
  13. Re: Getting Title of the Deceased's Vehicle Put in My Name, the Caretaker of the Dece

    Then do it. Be thankful that MS allows title bonds. That seems to be the only option you have left other than to continue to get tickets.

    See the statute:
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    Co-Ownership: Re: How Should a Deed Be Worded

    Can't give specific "how to" legal advice but see comments below.

    It's easy to convey ownership from the two of you as tenants in common to the two of you as joint tenants with right of...
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    Re: Bartender Liability (Ohio)

    That was wise but she is likely to forget the warning under the stress of police questioning unless you show her the serious consequences of saying even one word.

    Both of you sit down and watch...
  16. Filing a Complaint: Re: Car Towed Illegally and Damage Occurred

    Cars don't get randomly towed from shopping center parking lots during store hours. Where was he parked? Loading zone, fire lane, no parking zone, handicapped spot, some place else that was maybe...
  17. Asset Protection: Re: Have a Federal Order of Restitution in Place Until I Die, How Will Effect Benefic

    Life insurance (death) benefits go to the beneficiary listed on the policy. The money is not part of your estate and doesn't have to be listed in probate. It's unlikely that the government will every...
  18. Credit / Debit Card Fraud: Re: Business Partner Forged My Signature on a Credit Card Application

    Prosecutors rarely deal directly with the public. Go to the police station and file a report. It will go to the proper channels but there is no guarantee that anybody will prosecute.

    This is...
  19. Divorce: Re: Registering Foreign Divorce in California

    I was hoping to find you a "one size fits all" answer but I couldn't.

    This first article, though comprehensive, served only to confuse me and some of the statutes referred to no longer exist.
  20. Repossession: Re: Removing Not Actual Miles Branded Title

    Made me laugh. :)
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    Speeding Tickets: Re: Officer Does Not Know the Speed Limit

    I wonder if Kansas allows a "reasonable and prudent" defense. 5 miles over is often ignored.
  22. Thread: Auto Loan

    by adjusterjack

    Loan Agreements: Re: Auto Loan

    North Carolina is one of those few states where the court is not permitted to issue wage garnishment orders for consumer debt.
  23. Thread: Divorce

    by adjusterjack

    Re: Divorce

    Not necessarily. I imagine that there are process servers (or the equivalent) in India that you can hire to serve the papers on her.

    If she responds with a demand for an asset division you work it...
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    Speeding Tickets: Re: Officer Does Not Know the Speed Limit

    Fastline, your attitude towards law enforcement sucks and I'll bet it was you being a dick during the traffic stop.

    If you don't want to man up and pay the fine I suggest you plead not guilty, go...
  25. Re: Facebook Suspension Due to Changing Phone Number

    Try starting another account under another name with minimal information. Probably a facebook no no but if it works, who cares.
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