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    Deductions from Pay: Re: Company Car and Privacy

    Perhaps. I won't discount the possibility.
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    Deductions from Pay: Re: Company Car and Privacy

    Don't insult toasters like that.

    I guess at this point Aaron just doesn't care if this board dies. That's a shame because it used to be fairly busy.
  3. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Pension Company Says Designated Beneficiary is Not Due Payout

    But it was obviously not 2019, unless maybe OP is planning their mother's death.
  4. Speeding Tickets: Re: Contesting 71 Over 55 on Washington State's SR 270

    You've shot yourself in the foot pretty thoroughly. There is no necessity defense here. If your car was in such poor shape that you had to speed to avoid harm to yourself or others, the proper...
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    Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: How Does Power of Attorney Work

    A power of attorney ceases to be in effect upon your demise.

    Unfortunately, there is little you can do to make sure your wishes are followed if the parties decide to do something different....
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Forgetting Pants

    Time to stop feeding the troll, folks.
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Forgetting Pants

    Absent some kind of mental impairment, they don't.

    There is probably not a single police officer, prosecutor, jury or judge that would buy that if a mentally competent person was arrested for it.
  8. Expungement and Sealing: Re: How to Obtain Full-Length Police-Reports During Petition for Factual Innocence

    You got got by the spammer. Sure would be nice if thisbsite had human moderation to deal with this one. Been spamming along for months now.
  9. Re: Can Non-Reportable Vehicle Accidents Still Have Info on Record

    The passenger with the pot is a convicted felon or the driver? If the driver, that alone does not give PC to search the passengers.

    Is the convicted felon still on any kind of probation/parole? ...
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    Re: Police Investigation with Out Report

    You would make a formal complaint to the deputy's and/or probation officer's agency. I think you mean GCIC and yes, it can be a criminal act to access it inappropriately/unlawfully (See O.C.G.A....
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    Re: How Likely is to Be Charged with Cc Fraud

    It's unlikely that any criminal charges will come of this. The more likely outcome is they close the card and flag you so you are no longer able to get another card from them.
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Statute of Limitations

    I don't recall seeing link filtering here before. They can be bothered to set that up but not deal with spammers/bots when they turn up.
  13. Re: Can I Be Tried for Keeping Private Videos Without the Girl Knowing About It

    Not legal related but 2 things:

    Ewww, pervert and

    Don't keep inappropriate pictures/videos (whether taken with or without permission but try not to do the latter cause ewww, pervert) where...
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    Slander: Re: Protection Order "Rules"

    Repeatedly, for weeks. No one at the helm to keep the ship steady on her course.
  15. Re: Authorized and Legally Parked Vehicle Towed on College Campus with No Warning

    I don't recall any of that in my response.
  16. Re: Authorized and Legally Parked Vehicle Towed on College Campus with No Warning

    Was your car damaged in any way? You really aren't going to get anywhere trying to file criminal charges for this. Had you suffered damages, you might have tried a civil suit but even that isn't...
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    Re: Probation Violation

    Every time they catch you two together, later on becomes later and later. You need to stay away from each other until you can negotiate a change in your probation terms. If you keep it up, one or...
  18. Dismissal: Re: Can Judge Change His Judgment Without Explanation

    If this is all related to the same case, keep all this in one thread please. It would be best if you hire an attorney given the volume of issues you are having as you are clearly out of your depth.
  19. Defamation: Re: Can You Sue for Defamation Over a True Statement

    That's just a spammer who copy/paste something someone else said in the thread.
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    Expungement and Sealing: Re: How Do I Obtain a Police Record

    They don't. They are putting spam links into the text they quoted to try and hide it from notice. This is a new trick as before they just copied and pasted from another post, probably to get their...
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    Re: How Many Shares Does 13% Equity Equal

    That's new. Guess this spammer was playing the long game.
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    Re: What Are My Legal Options Here

    Don't forget that he believed that the child his ex and her new wife had was his. Again, he seems to have accepted that one.
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    Re: Passing a School Bus - Wa

    Not that there appear to be any mods to smack your bottom but this forum does not condone advising people to commit crimes.
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    Re: My Recent Arrest

    Nothing you have stated will result in a dismissal of charges.
    Miranda is only required if you are being questioned. Even if there were a Miranda violation, the usual relief there is suppression of...
  25. Re: What Are the Children Repsonsibele for when a Person Dies

    This also assumes no one signed anything with the hospice provider agreeing to be responsible.
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