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    Other Violations: Re: Failure to Produce Registration

    So there's no appearance date on the ticket?

    There should be.
  2. Traffic Accidents: Re: What Can You Do if You Can't Afford to Pay for Injuries You Cause

    What does THAT mean? What normally IS your responsibility?
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    Other Violations: Re: Failure to Produce Registration

    Follow the instructions written on the ticket itself. There should be a clear set of instructions on the ticket but it sounds like you haven't even looked at it.
  4. Speeding Tickets: Re: - Contesting a LIDAR Ticket, Wa

    Where does the "delta" come in? It's simply a distance test done twice using two different distances.
  5. Lights, Signs and Traffic Controls: Re: Red Light Ticket and Disobey Postage Sign (Do Not Enter)

    When the officer activated his emergency lights you were supposed to move to the right and stop.

    It's not your concern that there is only one lane, that's why the officer has all those flashing...
  6. Traffic Accidents: Re: Can This Single Vehicle Accident Be Successfully Blamed on Another Driver

    Which means nothing.

    Your wife's beliefs don't mean much more unless she has some specialized training we don't know about.
  7. Speeding Tickets: Re: - Contesting a LIDAR Ticket, Wa

    I'm lost about this "delta" distance test.

    We do a "simple" distance test - and I do it at three different distances. We also do a scope alignment test, display test, and internal calibration...
  8. Driver's License Applications: Re: A Non Drivind Id in Wv Without Giving Up License in Different State

    OP should try living in a real communist country so he can appreciate how good he has it.
  9. Kidnapping: Re: Abduction (Kinda)

    Who was this mystery man?
  10. Other Violations: Re: Sun-Shading/Window Tint = Case Dismissed but Must Pay Court Costs

    Yes, your example is not realistic.

    I've tested literally thousands of pieces of automotive glass. I can (and have) easily go into court and articulate how I know that a piece of glass is falls...
  11. Other Violations: Re: Sun-Shading/Window Tint = Case Dismissed but Must Pay Court Costs

    It's perfectly reasonable to not use a tintmeter. I'll bet the trooper wouldn't have a problem articulating how he knew your windshield tint wasn't legal.
  12. Default: Re: Missed the 20 Days

    Then you really need to go there in person and address this.
  13. Sentencing: Re: Advice with Pior Conviction

    Testimony is not necessary to establish the fact that the defendant has a prior conviction. That's in his criminal history and the prosecutor and judge would know that.
  14. Speeding Tickets: Re: Defense

    Your "4-cylinder car" argument is ridiculous. A few hundred yards is plenty of distance and unless this was a bicycle any motor vehicle should easily be able to reach 45 mph.
  15. Default: Re: Missed the 20 Days

    There may have already been a default judgement entered against you. That can bring all kinds of additional problems.

    You need to call the court or go in person and find out what you need to do to...
  16. Appeals: Re: My Bros: Critique Part of My Appeal of a Speeding Tickets

    What does that mean exactly?

    Sounds pretty reasonable to me. I am not getting your point.
  17. Speeding Tickets: Re: Defense

    If you're thinking that you not knowing your own speed is a defense you'd be wrong. Ignorance of your own speed or of the posted speed limit is never a defense.

    It sounds like you don't have a...
  18. Re: Out of State Marijuana Possession Charge

    If you received a ticket then chances are it says you need to appear in court. If you already missed your court date then you probably already have an arrest warrant.
  19. Suspension and Revocation: Re: Nys Revoked Due to Accident with No Insurance

    If your license has been revoked and you are still in possession of it you are guilty of a misdemeanor and can be charged with that crime as well.

    Any New York license that has been suspended or...
  20. Suspension and Revocation: Re: Nys Revoked Due to Accident with No Insurance

    No police officer would believe that there isn't some type of problem when an American presents a foreign license.

    All anyone needs to do is run him in NY and he'll come up revoked and get...
  21. Probation and Parole: Re: Probation Violation Hearing

    I'm baffled as to why you are asking a bunch of strangers on the Internet to guess what happened during your court appearance instead of doing the logical thing which is to ask your attorney.
  22. Domestic Violence: Re: Domestic Violence

    You don't "press charges" - that's the function of the state. You have no choice in the matter.
  23. Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Charges for Drunk Driving

    It almost sounds like he's asking about a situation where he hits a pedestrian NOW, and if the past DUI could come back and bite him.

    I don't know, he needs to come back and better explain what...
  24. Probation and Parole: Re: Va Probation Laws

    If you have an attorney representing you then any legal questions you have are best directed at him.
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    Re: Mystic River

    I suggest you go elsewhere if you're looking for help writing a book.

    Maybe you should pay an attorney for a consultation so you can ask your questions if you're that concerned about your story.
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