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  1. Disability and Elder Law Issues: Can You Be Arrested for Not Paying Child Support if You Are Disabled

    My question involves a person located in the state of: California

    I sort of asked a similar question on another thread. But I wanted to be more specific here.

    I just found out that 100% of my...
  2. Collection and Enforcement: Re: 100% of My Disability is Being Taken

    My wife takes care of the kids. Even if she worked, it would be 20 hours a day, for $60 a month or so.

    I've been on disability for about 20 years. SSDI from the US SSA.

    $3,000 is the first...
  3. Collection and Enforcement: 100% of My Disability is Being Taken for Child Support

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: California.

    I just got notice that my ex-wife in America is suing me for child support, and I am ordered to pay 100% of my income. I...
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