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  1. Re: How Do I Change My Last Name To My Fathers?

    ok thank you
  2. Re: How Do I Change My Last Name To My Fathers?

    its ok with both of them
  3. Guardianship: Shes 16, Pregnant, And Her Mom Says Its Ok For Her To Live With Me

    I dont know if this pertains to guardianship, thinkin it does, but anyway, I live in Oklahoma, my fiance is 16, pregnant, and she lives in an environment not suitable for a pregnant woman, her...
  4. Re: How Do I Change My Last Name To My Fathers?

    i am 17 years old
  5. Changing a Child's Name: Choosing a Child's Last Name When The Parents Are Not Yet Married

    I live in Oklahoma, I am 17 years old and my fiance is 16, are plans are to get married when she is 18, we have a baby on the way, but we wont be married by the time our child is born, would my baby...
  6. Changing My Last Name To My Father's

    Right now my father is in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and I have my mothers maiden name, I want to change my last name to my fathers, but I dont know how to go about doing so. I know...
  7. Emancipation: What Rights Does A Minor Have To Emancipate Themselves In The State Of Oklahoma

    My fiance is 16 and lives in a bad situation with her mother, she calles her names screams at her daily and uses her as a slave, she is completely miserable living there. She wants to be emancipated...
  8. Emancipation: My Fiance Is 16, Pregnant, And Wishes To Be Emancipated

    I need to know what the emancipation laws are in Oklahoma, my fiance is pregnant and she is miserable and always stressed out living with her mom, im goin to the military, so she wants to come live...
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