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  1. Student Discipline: Re: Filing a Grievance or Lawsuit Against a School District

    You are not being a good example for your sons. You need to teach them how to play well with others. You do that by supporting the coach, team and your sons. You do that by not being critical of...
  2. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Child Missing Excessive Amounts of School and Failing After Divorce

    Some medical professionals believe ADHD/ADD could be symptomatic of a sleep disorder. You might want to discuss this with her pediatrician.
  3. Medical Malpractice: Re: Criteria for Attorney Taking a Malpractice Case

    It amazes me how some people expect attorneys to work for little to nothing. These same people would not perform their work for little to nothing. Attorneys do make good money. Those in private...
  4. Re: What Happens if a Defandant Knowing He's About to Lose Speaks Directly to Jury an

    Why would any juror/jury believe a defendant addressing them in this manner ? If the defendant has anything that could help his case. He can testify, under oath. The defendant going against court...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Medical Malpractice an

    There is something you need to realize. Even if the doctor make a mistake. That in no way means the mistake rises to the level of malpractice. You also need to realize,the Texas Medical Board...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Medical Malpractice an

    Could the OP file suit to stop the prescription from running out ? Then continue to look for an attorney to take the case? I realize the OP would have a,limited period of time to find an attorney...
  7. Assault & Battery: Re: Minor Wrongfully Charged with Second Degree Assault and Dismissed

    Who gave it to him does not matter. How you say he normally uses it. does not matter. He used it as a weapon. There was no reason for him to take that knife to a,party. Next time the other person...
  8. Ownership Rights: Re: Photographer Sent Unsolicited Visible Portrait by Mail

    Sadly, there are a,lot of sick people in the world. The man that killed Jayme Closs's parents and held her captive. Saw her waiting for her school bus. That is when he decided to do what he did. This...
  9. Divorce: Re: Husband Claiming My Daughter is a Child of Our Marriage

    Were you married to him when the child was born ? Is he listed on the childs birth certificate ? If you were married or he is listed in the birth certificate or filed a Acknowledge Of Paternity. He...
  10. Assault & Battery: Re: Minor Wrongfully Charged with Second Degree Assault and Dismissed

    Why did your son take a weapon to the party? You seem to think stabbing one person, one time is alright. Next time your son and/or others might not be as lucky. Guns could be involved next time. The...
  11. Other Offenses: Re: [California] Son Was Arrested for Having Someone Else's Registration Tags on His

    Why did he put his girlfriends tags on his car ? I agree you have not been told the whole story.
  12. Homicide: Re: Can Homicide Charges Be Filed Over a Fatal Accident

    There are support groups for parents that have lost children. Do you have any in your area ? Losing a child is a life altering experience. I understand your anger. But anger is like a cancer. It will...
  13. Court Proceedings: Re: What Are the Elements and Defenses of Child Endangerment

    You have no way of knowing what actually happened. You were not there.
  14. Survivors Benefits: Re: Is It Possible to Reverse Deceased Father's Benefits to Disabled Son

    Was Medicaid paying his Medicare Premiums, co/pays and deductibles ? There are income and resource limits for Medicare Savings Program and Extra Help. If his monthly benefits exceeds the allowed...
  15. Defective Drugs and Medications: Re: Lawyers Unable to Help Me.

    You can have the conditions listed as side effects. When a person takes a drug. They agree to accept the risks. The problems for manufacturers come in when they did not tell the FDA about all known...
  16. Defective Drugs and Medications: Re: Lawyers Unable to Help Me.

    Do you have your medical records from when you were prescribed this medication ? Has a doctor written in your medical records. the symptoms and damage you claim are due to this medication ? You must...
  17. Defective Drugs and Medications: Re: Lawyers Unable to Help Me.

    Class action lawsuits have limits. What type of medical proof do you have you were injured by this,medication ? What damages do you have ? Do you have medical records proofing the drug took away your...
  18. Collection and Enforcement: Re: Fake Checkbook Admissible As Evidence for Support

    I can't imagine a judge giving a check register weight. Why can't he get copies of his bank statements? Does he still have the account? Even if he does not. Why would he keep a check register but...
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    Criminal Investigations: Re: Can a Police Report Be Cancelled

    Chances are good she will be calling the police again.
  20. Survivors Benefits: Re: Can You Receive Survivor's Benefits and Disability Benefits

    The money comes from different funds.
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    Disability Benefits: Re: Disability and Income from Renting a House Out

    Unearned income does not matter with SSDI.
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    Other Injuries: Re: Wrongful Death

    I hope you are receiving grief counseling. Your anger is understandable. No amount of money will bring your father back. Nor will it replace your anger. Provided you are awarded a,settlement and...
  23. Disability Benefits: Re: SSDI Can You Work Part Time

    Have you continued to see your doctors for the impairments you were both approved for ? Do your medical records indicate your impairments have improved to the point you can perform SGA ? Although if...
  24. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Cruel Stepparent a Case in Child Custody of Other Children:idaho

    Have you talked to your wife about her attitude and behavior ? What does she say ? Has your wife always had this attitude? How old is your daughter?
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    Establishing an Order: Re: Custody of Autistic Kid

    You can do little to nothing about people talking against you to your child. You cannot control others expressing their opinions.
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