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  1. Debt Collectors: Re: Debtor Cannot Sell Due to Cease and Desist when Will They Sue

    I agree,I would just ignore it for now. Put the $ aside if they sue and try work out a settlement,if it comes to that.
  2. Crimes Against Family: Re: Should I Hire an Attorney or How Should I Go About This

    Exactly,don't play around w stuff like this. A lawyer gonna get you the best outcome.
  3. Assault & Battery: Re: What is the Chance That an Assault with Deadly Weapon Will Be Reduced

    Honestly it varies a lot,one court might be more willing to plead down than others. They domestic crimes seriously,the protective order looks bad. It sucks having a felony,him get a short jail term...
  4. Theft and Larceny: Re: Arrested for Petit Larceny - First Time Offense No Record

    Plead not guilty and see if they can get an acd / diversion. It dismisses and seals the record if they stay out of trouble for six month. A lawyer can increase her odds of getting this,also a...
  5. Embezzlement: Re: Caught Shoplifting, Released, Told to Come Back This Week to "Talk"

    I agree,don't go back,no chance in keeping your job. Say nothing and get a lawyer if your arrested.
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    Weapons Offenses: Re: Carrying a Concealed Weapon Charge After a DUI

    Maybe speak to one or two more lawyers,to see if their views match the 1st lawyer. if your just gonna plead out,than the deal is probably gonna be the same. It stinks paying $,5,10 years down the...
  7. Disorderly Conduct: Re: Possible to Ask for Leniency Directly with the Da

    A lot of times,for a low level misdemeanor,they will reduce it down a notch. If you plead not guilty,they will probably offer you some type of deal. If they don't and set a trail or another date,you...
  8. Extradition: Re: Retail Theft Warrant

    Avoiding the chargers,can just make things worse b.c you can't duck them forever. Maybe you can get probation or something,if they catch later down the line,they might give you jail time or add...
  9. Embezzlement: Re: Shoplifted: Feeling Bad and Friend Blackmailing Me

    If you were gonna be locked up or homeless,would you snitch on the lady? You keep on stealing and your gonna go to jail,the lady should of just kept quiet and dealt w/ her punishment. Once her case...
  10. Providing to a Minor: Re: Checked License and Still Cited for Selling to Minor in Sting

    Plead not guilty,your probably just gonna get a fine and maybe having to take a class. You want to see if it's possible to enter in to a diversion program or get it reduced to a non criminal...
  11. Extradition: Re: Extradition to Texas

    Texas may not want to get him because it out of state and might figure the cost is not worth it.
  12. Hiring a Lawyer: Re: Is It Too Late Too Hire a Lawyer Please Read

    If your innocent or even have a good chance at beating the charge,why settle for probation. Your gonna have felony theft on your record which is gonna make finding any type of job hard,especially a...
  13. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Sentenced to Probation and a County Work Program for Shoplifting

    You only have a misdemeanor,you got keep in mind that you have three of the same shoplifting charges. A 2nd time offender sometimes gets a little jail time,3rd time more likely,you did the same thing...
  14. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Was Not Shoplifting

    Exactly,that such an egregious statement. Thief s do all kind of tricks,many people simply forget.
  15. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Caught Shoplifting With a Significant Prior History

    Plead not guilty and ask for a public defender if you can't afford a lawyer. Maybe you will get lucky,if it's a small amount that you took and 10 years past,maybe they will offer you probation or...
  16. Robbery: Re: Thief

    5,000 is a lot of money for some people,it's not a bad price for a lawyer. A lawyer who can get this charged reduced,maybe like cdwjava said or even if he get him a short prision term,instead of 10...
  17. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Got Caught Shoplifting,arrrested in Store Went to Jail Waiting

    This is why people need to have lawyer even for minor crimes,no lawyer 6 months offer,lawyer 50 days. Some times waiting can help you get the best deal,many times just before trail the best deal is...
  18. Chapter 7: Re: Do You List Charged-Off Debts When Filing Bankruptcy

    The chapter 7, I think it can be reported for 10 years. After 7 years the charge off is off your report,after 4 years they can't sue you for the debt if your smart about it. Manage your debt not the...
  19. Chapter 7: Re: Do You List Charged-Off Debts When Filing Bankruptcy

    If the sol of is 4 years,if your sued that's enough proof to dismiss the case. It's 4 years from your last payment and 7 years for it to clear from your credit report. I would focus on the debt that...
  20. Probation and Parole: Re: Parolee with a New Case

    If he on parole for a theft charge that's bad,see if the lawyer can make some type of plea. Maybe he does a year on the new charge he can serve it while he serves his sentence for a parole violation.
  21. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Walmart Issue

    the jerk made me confess that I did it on purpose just so he didn't call police on me (you dodged a big bullet,many times once they said yes they call the cops and arrest you. The person basically...
  22. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Can You Seal a Felony Record from a Juvenile Sex Offense

    Since deferred adjudication was granted,you should at least be able to get an order of non disclosure. Normally juvi records are expunged or sealed when your 18 or 21,sometimes sex offense aren't...
  23. Sex Offenses: Re: Drunken Sexual Battery Misdemeanor

    If you plead guilty to a misdemeanor with no jail time,it could still affect you entering the us. Maybe a lawyer can get it reduced to an infraction or non sex offense. Plead not guitly and see if...
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    Expungement and Sealing: Re: How Can a Sex Offender Clear His Record

    Your not gonna get a pardon,the very small chances you have will be in many years. Maybe after 10-15 years,you can try to see what can be done to be off the sex offender list early. You have a felony...
  25. Domestic Violence: Re: Very Unfortunately Charged with Domestic Violence in Florida

    It sucks paying 2500-3000,look it as a long term investment. Sometimes a domestic violence charge that is reduced or dismissed thru a diversion program still gives the person many issues. It might...
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