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  1. Thread: Dir Hearing

    by hr for me

    Re: Dir Hearing

    lost wages under WC would generally stop if you are terminated for another reason (especially something they are calling gross misconduct). From what you have stated previously, you lost your job...
  2. Thread: Dir Hearing

    by hr for me

    Re: Dir Hearing

    In my last 13 1/2 years in HR generalist/manager positions (both depts of 1), I've never had an employee request to view their file. I've had a handful ask for a copy of a specific document (offer...
  3. Replies

    Re: Nlrb Toll Extensions

    what exactly did you post on social media about your employer that got you terminated? And what exactly is their social media policy?

    Others should read past postings.....
  4. Purchase Contracts: Re: Legal Description Deed and Sales Contract

    did the mortgage company use both lots to appraise the mortgage/purchase? Did they not think to bring it to your attention? (Was your friend the mortgage broker on the deal?)
  5. Background Checks: Re: Background Check and the Fcra

    Not a loophole, just how the law is written. Generally most employers/recruiters will get a background check authorization as best business practice. But in the end, public records such as the...
  6. Federal Taxes: Re: IRS Not Acting on 2014 Amended Return

    'There is a statute of limitations on refunds being claimed on amended returns. In general, if a refund is expected on an amended return, taxpayers must file the return within three years of the due...
  7. Denial & Appeals: Re: In California What is the Legal Definition of a 'Weapon' As It Relates to Employm

    btw, I am not saying the employer was correct about the weapon issue, I am just telling you that is NOT a good argument based on the rest of the story. They could have terminated you even if you...
  8. Denial & Appeals: Re: In California What is the Legal Definition of a 'Weapon' As It Relates to Employm

    In the end, it doesn't matter what the legal definition of a weapon is. In the end, it is up to the employer to decide if you had something that they considered to be a weapon.

    You can always...
  9. Getting Fired: Re: Exit Meeting: Verbal vs Documented

    your manager knowing you were unhappy with how they ran the group can state that and it doesnt' automatically mean that you engaged in "protected concerted activity". Heck, your personal tone or...
  10. Testing: Re: Is It Illegal to Pose As Someone for an Employment Drug Test

    It's fraudulent...and I suspect the employer will re-test throughout his employment. Generally those that test for nicotine do so for specific business reasons.

    You may see little harm, but it is...
  11. Background Checks: Re: Contacting Employer

    Pretty much every employer, especially a large one, is going to have posted laws as required. This is HR 101.

    Not a guess or speculation....Even if you as an employee ignored them, didn't notice...
  12. Victims Rights: Re: Sodomy in the Third Degree - Questionable Charge

    From personal experience, often they will charge what they think they can prove and while it may not sound like the right crime, often the legal terms are different from what we think they mean. ...
  13. Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Sueing Company After 15 Yrs

    Yes, that's exactly what i was occurrence was 29 years ago and over the years, I've had to deal with it more than I've wanted to but have had some things that have helped me do so. I was...
  14. Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Sueing Company After 15 Yrs

    were you asked to repay the WC benefits that you got at the time? Or do you mean after 4 months "the state" or your claim was closed? Did you have a settlement given or were you declared fit for...
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    Re: Go Away Money

    One example I would give is I was the VP HR for a property management company that owned an apartment complex with a pool. A non-resident toddler with her non-resident 14 yr old babysitter (who was...
  16. Disciplinary Issues: Re: I'm Suspended from Work

    texting to another male coworker that "the coworker was putting on a show every time she bent over" is pretty much sexual harassment, especially in this day and age. My crystal ball tells me that...
  17. Hiring: Re: Regarding Equal Employment Exemptions in Sports, Theater, and Film

    My first thought was BFOQs..... and then qualifications beyond these characteristics. And then just the sheer number of candidates for each role who are qualified.
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    Disciplinary Issues: Re: Waiver

    An employer doesn't need a waiver to exempt you from one sentence of their code of conduct, but I cannot fathom why one would do so. The whole point of a code of conduct is to assure ALL employees...
  19. Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Emotionally Frazzled After My Deposition Today

    "I had to take my attorney out of the room to explain the nature of the lawsuit, and why I did not want to answer the question. I told him that it had absolutely NOTHING to do with workers comp"

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    Modification of Support: Re: How Can a Support Order Be Decreased

    The change of perspective and who the "I" is in the situation doesn't make sense.

    Who is paying child support to who? Who is the child living with? At one point you say you have "almost no...
  21. Federal Taxes: Re: Part Time Employee Had an Aca Marketplace Plan with Subsidy but Received a 1095c

    how many hours a week did you work on average?
  22. Collection and Enforcement: Re: 100% of My Disability is Being Taken

    can your wife seek employment to help feed your family?

    Have you been on disability for 15 years? Disability isn't meant to feed a family of 10...

    Is it US SSI or SSDI? " If you are awarded...
  23. Life Insurance: Re: Is an Insurance Company Required to Contact a Beneficiary Upon Death of Policy Ho

    Do you know if it was a personal/individual policy or a work-related one? Do you know if he continued to pay premiums over the time period?

    Definitely look into it, but you will need more...
  24. Job Benefits: Re: Pension vs Lump Sum - Which One to Take if I Am Not Retired Yet

    you are mis-stating this a bit... the ex-employee has the choice NOW..... It is not a good idea to take a lump sum and pay taxes now, but to rollover which is what the OP stated they were going to...
  25. Job Benefits: Re: Pension vs Lump Sum - Which One to Take if I Am Not Retired Yet

    If they roll the cash lump sum to an IRA, there are no current tax ramifications. If they take the cash lump sum directly, yes they would generally owe the 10% early withdrawal penalty (assuming...
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