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  1. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Can you Seal or Expunge your Florida Criminal Record After a Pardon

    What if I had a previous record sealed, If I recieve an pardon for a different charge and I am granted a pardon along with the request to seal it, Can I seal the this other charge?
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    Sentencing: Re: Adjudication withheld

    Hey lucky girl,

    I am going through a similar problem. Did you do a FDLE criminal search? I did one in 2005 and my record was clear. Well, I did another in 2007; I had a petit theft that I was...
  3. Post-Conviction Relief: Re: Adjudication withheld in Florida, and employment applications

    the problem will be from those third party database companies. They would will still have the old information. The key is to find out where does the company do a background check through. contact...
  4. Pardons and Clemency: Getting A Pardon After Having A Different Charge Sealed

    I wanted to know if I can get a Pardon for a charge after I sealed a separate charge. I was 21 years old when I was charged with Grand theft that happened in February of 2000, also I was...
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