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  1. Criminal Investigations: Re: Being Bullied for Information with Subpoenas

    Spoken by someone who hasn't been on the receiving end of a criminal investigation, I trust (or didn't use a lawyer in so doing). :) There are all sorts of reasons to fight every aspect of an...
  2. Disciplinary Issues: Re: Unpaid Suspension for Non-Exempt Employees

    The trouble with googling is that people tend to disregard the context and fixate on a given phrase.

    Given the employer would be free to fire you for even so much as a scratch (unless you're union...
  3. Student Discipline: Re: Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault Expelled from College

    If you want to go back to this school, I'd focus more on discussing with counsel that goal. The college ought not have expelled you without seeking relevant info, and certainly shouldn't have...
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    Working With a Lawyer: Re: My Lawyer Has Bad Reviews

    I'd like to think you wouldn't hire a lawyer without doing any due diligence whatever, but I guess it happens more often than you'd think. If I were getting heart surgery, you can be sure I'd...
  5. Disabilities and Accommodation: Re: Fired Because of My Weight, Now Getting Ready for Trial

    This isn't really the right place for your question (far too small an general audience, when what you need is targeted audience). I'd be doing more research on the internet.

    If you needing help...
  6. Domestic Violence: Re: Is It Possible to Leave Country with Pending Domestic Violence Charges

    You won't be convicted in absentia; the case will simply remain open. You'd need to ask an immigration attorney about what kind of info on the warrant/charges will/may be available to other...
  7. Trust Administration: Re: Can I Select Another Attorney for a Trust

    You don't have to use the same attorney as your father used to set up the trust. You're free to fire him at any time. (And even if the trust had a provision saying you couldn't fire this person,...
  8. Defenses to Eviction: Re: Eviction from Friends Trailer

    Anyone threatening you, you call the police. That's quite simple.

    Your post seems to indicate this is a weekly tenancy at will situation with your friend who moved out. That means the landlord...
  9. Arrest Warrants: Re: Failure to Appear, 20 Years Ago, Resulting in a Warrant

    One presumes you recall being arrested and/or charged. It follows that never attending to anything in the aftermath of that would almost certainly result in a warrant for arrest. (I don't think in...
  10. Getting Fired: Re: Suing Over an Implied Contract After Termination

    We cannot possibly know what the odds of winning are; you haven't reached the Psychic Network. :)

    This employer did all that you say and you believe it belongs in small claims? That doesn't make...
  11. Criminal Investigations: Re: Proecutor Want Interview

    In future, please pay careful attention to use of standard punctuation (typically, more than just a period at the end is advisable).

    "well what can i generally expect."

    Cops and prosecutors...
  12. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Can I Pay My Workers in Things Like Food or Shelter Instead of Money

    "Would that be a good idea?"

    This isn't a legal question. :)

    "More importantly, would that be legal?"

    So long as you covered the relevant employment-related taxes, I don't see why not.
  13. Harassment: Re: Ex-Boyfriend Took Embarrassing Pictures and Shows Them to People

    I think you need to be a bit more circumspect about the circumstances under which she asserts these pictures were taken. Even if there's contemporaneous evidence of her being passed out (evidence...
  14. Spousal Support and Alimony: Re: Alimony Expiring - Negotiate Arrearage

    An attorney will tell someone potential in a consultation.

    I've no clue what the child support enforcement agency has to do with any attempts on his part to modify alimony.

    I'm not clear why...
  15. Estate Planning Issues: Re: Wife Omitted from Older Husband's Life Insurance Policy

    Bill64, there's no indication that this husband is cutting the wife out of his estate or that there's any legal issue to "sort ... out" here. If she doesn't like what his estate assets entail, she's...
  16. Legal Malpractice: Re: What Can I Do when My Atty. Misrepresents Me

    I'm not clear why the thread keeps going 'round and 'round. Bottom line is that if you haven't settled yet, you're free to refuse to settle. You're free to fire your attorney and get another one if...
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    Co-Ownership: Re: Tax and Undivided Interest Issue

    It would've been better to start from the relevant facts early on vs. slowly circling around to them ... that this is one big piece of property in which you and your mom inherited an interest.
  18. Defamation: Re: Can Expunged Records Be Used in Defamation Case to Defend

    Just because she got X arrest expunged so that certain people/general public won't find out about X if they do a regular background check search (and so that she may say "no" to a question about...
  19. Foreclosure: Re: Can I Be Sued for a Deficiency After Foreclosure

    CA is a non-recourse state, which means lender wouldn't be in a position to sue you (that said, I presume no part of any refinance involved money that wasn't used toward buying the house).

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    Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Executor Won't Close the Will

    It's too late to successfully contest a will. It's unclear why you care if a beneficiary hasn't cashed her check, so long as you've gotten yours. :)

    POD stuff passes outside the probate estate,...
  21. Defamation: Re: Ex-Employer Lied on Secret Clearance Questionnaire

    "He obviously did not try to breach their network, nor was he fired, perhaps they wanted to fire him but offically he was laid off."

    I wouldn't presume that your boyfriend is telling you the...
  22. Eviction Process: Re: How to Evict My Ex-Boyfriend, Who is Not on the Lease

    I can't fathom how CA law applies since poster seems to be posting from AZ ... and this has nothing to do with the guy being a renter as such (which doesn't imply she doesn't have to follow eviction...
  23. Co-Ownership: Re: Does a Survivorship Clause Override Spousal Rights

    "... it ultimately was stated that although the deed is written with the standard survivorship clause they claim the deed was originally filed as tenants in common."

    You don't say whether you mean...
  24. Establishing an Order: Re: What Rights Does a Father Have if the Mother Refuses to Do Visitation

    I presume an altercation took place and the kid didn't want to go with the father. Your post is fuzzy on details, and they don't matter for the purpose of the post.

    He's free to challenge the...
  25. Co-Ownership: Re: Selling Home and Deed in Ex Husbands Name Also and He's Deceased

    This isn't a DIY project, I'm afraid, and not one that someone can walk you through over the internet.

    I hope that the ex had some assets or that your son does, because it might be easiest for...
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