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  1. Other Violations: Re: Failure to Signal Stop

    Met with traffic division supervisor today. He advised me that he has reprimanded the Sergeant that ticketing me and made him redo accident report assigning fault to the female officer for following...
  2. Hit-and-Run Accidents: Re: Leaving the Scene - Need Advice

    Aren't those insurance regulations cited? MV laws don't assign blame.
  3. Other Violations: Re: Failure to Signal Stop

    Thank you for your reply and confirming what I thought. I didn't argue with the sergeant even though I believed him to be wrong. I will contact the court Monday and ask for an appearance to plead not...
  4. Other Violations: Rear-Ended After My Car Stalled - Failure to Signal Stop

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: New Jersey

    I am furious. Last night as my light turned green I started to go but stalled as I was in 3rd gear not first. The car behind me...
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