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  1. Wills: Re: Will, Cremation, and Mailing Goodbye Letters

    It's always a good idea to have an attorney assist you with all this but I'm in a similar boat and can understand how it might not be practical to do that.

    You need a will for any value if you...
  2. Defective Drugs and Medications: Re: This Medication Ruined My Life. Next Steps

    If the statute of limitations has run out, there's probably nothing you can do.
  3. Re: Non Custodial Parent with Supervised Visitation Moves Out of State

    There's no "we" here. Whether he can get unsupervised visitation depends on why he got supervised visitation in the first place. He would have to go to court and get that changed. Best for him to do...
  4. Re: Worker Rights and Safety vs. Patient Preferences

    Common sense dictates that you shouldn't be in that line of work.
  5. Transfer of Title: Re: I Bought a Vehicle with the Original Title but It Has an Undisclosed Lien

    That was your fatal mistake.

    You sure were. Duped by criminals. I doubt if they will ever come forward to fix this, nor will they ever give you your money back. It's long gone.

    I have...
  6. Civil Procedure Issues: Re: Small Business Filing Countersuit in Small Claims Court

    That's not how it works. You don't countersue for damages. You file a motion for sanctions under Section 128.7 of the California Code of Civil Procedure, alleging that the plaintiff filed a meritless...
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    Getting Fired: Re: Disagreed with Dishonesty, Terminated

    File ASAP. It's not retroactive so the longer you wait the more you lose.

    Realistically, probably not. But couldn't hurt to file a claim with the EEOC anyway.
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    Re: Incorrect Labeling at Macy’s

    While you might not be prosecuted for it (though you could be), you could certainly get fired for misconduct and not be eligible for unemployment compensation.
  9. Harassment: Re: Can I Sign a Document with V.c. (Vi Coactus) After My Name, Instead of Before

    That was an offer he couldn't refuse.
  10. Divorce: Re: Filing for Divorce and Getting Married, Timeframe

    Unless you want to move to a state with a shorter residency requirement, you'll have to wait.
  11. Establishment: Re: Is a Protection Order Likely to Be Granted

    You still need evidence for even a temporary order. The best evidence is witnesses testifying in court.

    Go in with half measures and you might not get the temporary order.

    I don't know. I'm not...
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    Legal Research: Re: Until Further Order of the Court

    Like a lot of people you are probably making much of something that may turn out to be inconsequential. The stay is in effect until the court says it isn't However, there may be further order that...
  13. Establishment: Re: Is a Protection Order Likely to Be Granted

    I think that the hearing is to decide whether or not to grant you the protective order.

    That's when you bring your documents, your daughter, and your witnesses.

    I doubt that it's for the judge...
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    Re: Judge Refuses to Terminate Probation

    Really? You've stood in the courtroom in front of the judge and prosecutor and they said "No, we aren't going to terminate your probation."

    Or they have written you a letter that says "No, we...
  15. Establishment: Re: Is a Protection Order Likely to Be Granted

    Sorry, written statements aren't going to work. Every person who is accused of wrongdoing (criminal or civil) has a fundamental right to face there accuser in court and question the accuser's...
  16. Unowned Property: Re: Statute of Limitations for Small Claims Court

    I figured it was something like that. Well, the reality is that you'll never see a nickel from your cousin, at least not without spending thousands on litigation. Even if you win a lawsuit,...
  17. Unowned Property: Re: Statute of Limitations for Small Claims Court

    Blueberrie, how is it that you have a co-owner of the property?

    Explain in detail. Might have a bearing on helpful comments.
  18. Establishment: Re: Is a Protection Order Likely to Be Granted

    Arti, I disagree with Mercy&Grace. There are people that are so batshit crazy, and dangerous, that they never stop the onslaught until they do something so egregious that it gets them shot in self...
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    Re: Rights to Protect Property

    Then one must take extraordinary precautions. Buy a gun. Learn how to use it. Be willing to use it if your life depends on it.
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    Re: Rights to Protect Property

    No, I'm not missing the point. I get it. You live in a ghetto surrounded by low lifes. The police have more than they can handle and you and your neighbor are careless about protecting your own...
  21. Service Providers: Re: AT&T Deactivating Service and Forcing Acquisition of New Service

    I'd have said F U, left the store, got a new phone someplace else, and quit paying on the old service.

    But, hey, you rationalize your life's decisions in whatever manner suits you.
  22. Warranties: Re: Is It Illegal for a Company to Not Honor a Warranty Because I Didn't Register It

    Of course it is. It's breach of the written warranty for which you can sue the company, and win.

    I suggest you stop talking to customer service flunkies and write directly to the President of the...
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    Re: Rights to Protect Property

    You keep saying that. Wouldn't it make sense for you to keep your car locked so people can't go through it. And install an alarm that makes a lot of noise when somebody tampers with the car.

  24. Discrimination: Re: Company Rep Publily States Preference for Hiring Certain Race/ Gender

    Unless somebody is doing wrong to you, it's best to just mind your own business at work.
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    Re: Rights to Protect Property

    Use a little common sense. You don't risk your life or your freedom for property. Property can be fixed or replaced. With that in mind I give you the following advice.

    If you see somebody stealing...
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