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  1. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Father Didn't Show for Initial Custody Hearing - Can He Still Get 50/50

    I'm not sure what "give him 50/50" might mean, but a failure to appear at a single hearing isn't a bar to any particular result.

    I suggest you consult with a local family law attorney.
  2. Re: Times V Sullivan and the Equal Protection Clause

    What crime are you talking about?

    The Sullivan decision arose out of a civil lawsuit filed by a local official in Alabama who claimed an advertisement that ran in the New York Times was libelous....
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    Re: Suing Over Civil Rights Violation

    What civil case? What is the nature of the civil case, and what is its connection to the matter for which you were arrested?

    Litigation against whom and for what?
  4. Civil Procedure Issues: Re: Small Business Filing Countersuit in Small Claims Court

    First of all, CCP 128.5 would be far better than 128.7. Second, I'm highly skeptical that either motion is available in small claims court. The only motions that small claims courts typically...
  5. Civil Procedure Issues: Re: Small Business Filing Countersuit in Small Claims Court

    We? "We" cannot be a sole proprietorship. If it's a sole proprietorship, then it's just you. If it's really "we," then it's a partnership (or some other business entity form).

    The BAR has...
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    Transfer of Title: Re: Tell Me About Tire Temperature

    Are you aware that you've posted on a legal message?

    That being said, you might want to read about the ideal gas law.
  7. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Sister Died Without a Will. My Brother is Designated As Beneficiary of Her Pensio

    What is the point of this question? The OP wrote, "I suspect that going through probate will expose the pension money to the creditors that my sister dealt with in her hospital and nursing home stay...
  8. Divorce: Re: Filing for Divorce and Getting Married, Timeframe

    You didn't identify your state of residence, but there is no state in which you could waive the requirement, and it is unlikely that any court in any state would waive it. What's the rush?
  9. Harassment: Re: Can I Sign a Document with V.c. (Vi Coactus) After My Name, Instead of Before

    You're not going to get different answers here than you got at the other site where you posted it.
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    Home Insurance: Re: My Retaining Wall Collapsed

    That's not exactly the most articulate story I've ever read.

    Do you have a question?
  11. Unowned Property: Re: Statute of Limitations for Small Claims Court

    Probably the two year SOL in CCP 339 ("An action upon a[n] . . . obligation or liability not founded upon an instrument of writing").

    The owners of the property - assuming they were actually...
  12. Minor in Possession: Re: Possession of Alcoholic Beverages by a Minor

    You were "running away"? From what? Why?

    Why would anyone breathalyze you? You admittedly were in possession of alcohol and the officer witnessed that. What more evidence do you think...
  13. Defamation: Re: Cosmetology Student Signed Waiver; Posted Slander Anyway (6 Months Now)

    None of those things are disclosure "of any information provided in the class." An assertion that you were late is not defamatory (even if false). An assertion that you were "possibly intoxicated"...
  14. Thread: Oral Contract

    by pg1067

    Re: Oral Contract

    A contract is a mutual agreement supported by consideration. An oral contract is a contract that is made orally.
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    Re: Rights to Protect Property

    Hold on a second. First of all, unless you want to provide specific facts, your comment that, "If they do come they won't make an arrest [for a] property crime," is meaningless. How many such...
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    Re: Burgulary with Assault/Battery

    Here's my summary of that long paragraph:

    Your friend won a small claims judgment against a woman. You and your friend accosted the woman at her place of business. In response, the woman...
  17. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Sister Died Without a Will. My Brother is Designated As Beneficiary of Her Pensio

    Yes, an estate "automatically exists," but the fact that the benefits administrator is concerned about the estate having an EIN (actually a TIN) suggests that there's more going on here than you have...
  18. Discrimination: Re: Company Rep Publily States Preference for Hiring Certain Race/ Gender

    You assume wrong. It is perfectly legal for any person to speak his/her mind. Acting on such a preference, however, would be illegal.
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    Re: Rights to Protect Property

    Where did you get the idea that the police in Seattle "aren’t allowed to arrest people for property crimes/trespassing etc." believe Neighbor A stole a package from Neighbor B? The...
  20. Defamation: Re: Cosmetology Student Signed Waiver; Posted Slander Anyway (6 Months Now)

    At the beginning of what? Non-disclosure of what info? What consideration did you give for the student's agreement?

    Posted where? What is "it"? What sorts of "terrible things"?
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    Re: When is Workmans Comp, Job Abandonment

    That's a decision that probably should not be made without consultation with your in-house attorney (assuming you have one).
  22. Liens and Encumbrances: Re: How is a Reverse Mortgage Payoff Attributed to Estates of Deceased

    Again, what is your interest in the situation? Are you the surviving wife? A child of one or both of the husband and wife? Something else?

    That being said, I agree with "flyingron" that it appears...
  23. Lost Property: Re: Roommate Threw Out All Belongings, Without Any Notice, or Contact

    You realize you didn't actually ask a question, right?

    The answer to the question I assume you intended to ask is that you can sue your (former) friend and/or his husband, although I have a hard...
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    Legal Permanent Residency: Re: Marriage After Visa Expired

    The only viable advice you can get from anonymous strangers on the internet is to consult with a local immigration attorney.
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    Education Law Issues: Re: High School Enrollment of a Minor

    Sounds like you are in a bit of a limbo situation. Your legal guardian seems to be incapacitated, so maybe your out-of-state aunt will be able to register you for school. You'll have to wait until...
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