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  1. Calculation of Support: Re: What Financial Records Must You Produce for Child Support Proceedings

    You need to comply with a request to produce or submit an objection. Judges do not issue subpeoanas, parties do. If ,you believe there is a reason to object, file a motion to quash.

    At least in my...
  2. Re: Former Child Support Asa in Il

    Thanks :). I did criminal defense in cook co for about a year, then became a prosecutor. I mostly did domestic violence with some DUI, dope, theft, etc. Got moved into child support after 2 years....
  3. Former State's Attorney Willing to Answer Questions

    My question involves child support in the State of: Illinois, preferably

    I was an assistant states attorney for 3 years and spent about a year doing child support enforcement. I see mostly good...
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