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  1. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Wife Served Summons for Willful Concealment in New Hampshire

    Whether a particular video can be used to prove a case would, I think, depend on what the video shows.
    It certainly seems possible and plausible that a video could have enough information in it to...
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    Re: Notary-Signed Repayment Promise

    It depends on what you want to achieve.
    If the small claims court limit in your area is $3500, then that's all you'd be able to collect by pursuing your claim that way. Small claims court is...
  3. Chapter 7: Re: When a Creditor Files Lawsuit on Me Before I File Chapter 7

    Once a person files for bankruptcy, by law (11 USC 362) there is an automatic stay preventing the commencement or continuation of actions against the debtor to recover money or other property from...
  4. Discrimination: Re: Your Rights, Arbitration vs Civil Court System

    One would have to review the terms of your employment contract to give a definitive answer.
    Depending on how it is worded, you might have to arbitrate a claim arising out of the rescission of your...
  5. Consumer Law Issues: Re: Is Returning a Purchased Used Car Consumer Law

    1) Could you explain (briefly) why you want to return the car? Your reasons for wanting to return the car could make a difference to the answer.

    2) It would help to know in which state this issue...
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    Asset Protection: Re: Medicaid, Trust Distribution, Assets

    Your information is incorrect.
    California also does not allow couples to establish a common law marriage under California law.

    If a couple living in one of the handful of states that allow...
  7. Debt Collectors: Re: Judgment Debtor Withdrew Cash and Spent Without Any Proof for Spending

    You need to be taking steps to enforce your judgment, which could include obtaining a writ of garnishment and serving it on the bank.
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    Driver's License Issues: Re: International Driverís License

    A letter to the DMV is unlikely to accomplish anything helpful.

    If she received a ticket from a police officer, then ordinarily she would have the option either to pay the fine or to request a...
  9. Other Violations: Re: Improper Use of Bus Lane in New York City

    Go to the hearing and tell your story.

    Particularly if your driving record is otherwise clean, the judge may be inclined to be lenient.
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    Re: Package Delivery

    My comment was based mainly on this statement from the original post, which I interpreted as the OP telling Guitar Center not to issue a return label.

    I called the company and told the do not give...
  11. Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding Ticket Issued for Commercial Vehicle with Speed Limiter

    Yes, having the mechanic testify live will likely be helpful to your defense, and to get his information in you really do need to have him there.

    The other points you raise -- the distance between...
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    Re: Package Delivery

    why not just let her return it to Guitar Center? presumably if its returned, they'll credit off the amount you paid them for it. and then you can re-order it and make very sure it gets sent to the...
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    Re: 30 Days Notice

    What did the lease say about notification, expiration, etc.? If those topics were expressly addressed in the lease, then you were obligated to follow the procedures stated there.
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    Re: Did I Miss Proof

    The California law generally requires delivery of a red light camera ticket within 15 days of when the violation occurred.

    So, if more than 15 days have passed and you haven't gotten anything in...
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    Re: Did I Miss Proof

    I'm confused by your post.

    Did you actually receive a ticket for running a red light? Or are you just worried that you might receive a ticket because sometime recently you ran a red light?

  16. Divorce: Re: Live in Tn, Owned My Home Before Marriage, Can I Use the Forms and File Myself

    It appears that you will need to consult with a lawyer. There's not an obvious way around it.
    The fact that you are in general agreement about the status of the real property will hopefully make...
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    Re: Spouses Pets

    Twas brillig and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe...


    'bated breath' is a phrase meaning "to hold one's breath due to suspense, trepidation, or fear" -- bated...
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    Re: Attempting to Contest Left Turn Ticket

    What did the driver do that resulted in the ticket?

    Put another way: describe the scene and what kind of signage you think should have been present at the scene.

    There's not enough information...
  19. Collection Lawsuits: Re: Civil Judgement Granted Almost 10yrs Back No Payment Ever Received, Name Changed

    A name change -- particularly one resulting from marriage -- is not going to prevent a creditor from pursuing judgment rights against a person.
    Yes, the judgment creditor would have to be able to...
  20. Retailers: Re: Novel Legal Cause of Actions for Consumer Rebate Fraud or Malfeasance Extreme Del


    Assuming you complied with the requirements to submit the rebate, you're entitled to receive it, presumably within a reasonable time.

    You could, I guess, file a suit against them if they...
  21. Passing a School Bus: Re: Will I Get a Ticket for Cutting Off a Moving School Bus

    There are traffic laws in Florida and elsewhere that penalize, sometimes severely, passing a school bus when it is stopped for purposes of loading/unloading its passengers.

    Outside of that...
  22. Re: Bought Brand New Car and Dealer Didnít Verify Insurance

    Andy213: your references to the 'Consumer Guarantees Act' and the 'Fair Trading Act' and the 'Motor Vehicle Sales Act' and the 'Consumer Information Notice (CIN)' all appear to be references to New...
  23. Re: Preparing for Gender Discrimination in Job Hunt

    Here are a couple:

    Phillips v. Martin Marietta Corp., 400 U.S. 542 (1971)
    Dothard v. Rawlinson, 433 U.S. 321 (1977)

    and, because the OP is in Massachusetts:
    WYNN & WYNN, P.C. VS....
  24. Re: Preparing for Gender Discrimination in Job Hunt

    Budwad wrote: "...gender discrimination .. does not apply to getting a job unless you are part of say the civil service sector."

    This is incorrect.
    Title VII prohibits discrimination on the basis...
  25. Eligibility to Marry: Re: Will My Fiance / Future Mother to My Child Get Deported

    I strongly encourage you to hire an immigration lawyer to assist and advise you on these matters.
    These are not good DIY projects.
    This is particularly true in the current political climate which,...
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