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  1. Personal Investment: Re: Ca. Franchise Tax Board Says I Owe $18,000 from Trading $5k of NYSE Stock

    This is your fault, not theirs. While you are taxed only on the gain you get from the stock, all that the broker reports to the IRS are the amounts you get from each sale stock. It does not get the...
  2. Defamation: Re: A Person is Destroying My Reputation, Simply on Revenge

    It wasn't all that short, and it certainly could have been much shorter. The operative facts that I get from your post is that this other woman (Teresa, apparently) whom you befriended 4 years ago...
  3. Federal Taxes: Re: Calling Taxing Matters - LLC Annual Meeting Costs

    Was this attorney a tax attorney? I suspect the answer is no. :rolleyes:

    There are two parts to this. First are the technical rules for deducting travel expenses, which have been narrowed starting...
  4. Embezzlement: Re: Possible Embezzlement Charge Coming for

    No, the OP should not do that unless the insurance company is suing the OP's wife under its right of subrogation. Until then, the legal claim here is by the employer, not the insurance company. It is...
  5. Collection and Enforcement: Re: Ga: Can I Collect Cs While Cs Order is on Appeal

    And the owners decide what gets posted here. Not you or any of the rest of us.

    For what its worth, I disagree that pg's link constituted spam. He's not a "shill" for that site any more than he is...
  6. Embezzlement: Re: Possible Embezzlement Charge Coming for

    Absolutely. Once a theft is committed returning the stolen property does not undo the crime, though it might help in reducing the sentence imposed if convicted.

    Your wife has a problem that...
  7. Re: Legality of Employee Discount Loophole

    They might. You clearly know what you are doing is not within what the rules for discounts is meant to provide you. You are taking something from your employer that you are not entitled to have,...
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    Federal Taxes: Re: Lock in a Dependent for 2019

    While that's true, if the OP gets the Form 8332 signed by the ex now then there won't be a problem with the OP's claim to the dependent and the tax benefits that go with it. Without the Form 8332 the...
  9. Behavior Regulation: Re: Having a Hard Time Finding an Attourney

    Is this a government agency or private employer? That makes a big difference. If it is a private employer then no federal or state law prohibits a private employer from hiring relatives of the owners...
  10. Chapter 11: Re: Motion Filed Before Defendant Filed Bankruptcy

    That injunction action is likely moot now given the bankruptcy. If the debtor is liquidating per a plan approved by the bankruptcy court, that will preempt any state court order on the assets. You...
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    Federal Taxes: Re: Lock in a Dependent for 2019

    You do that by getting the Form 8332 signed by the father as he is considered the custodial parent for federal tax purposes anyway given that the daughter lives with him for more of the year than...
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    Re: Marijuana Related Business

    The federal income tax implications are the same as for any other business. You need to report all the gross income you have from the business. You are allowed to deduct from that income your non...
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    Federal Taxes: Re: Lock in a Dependent for 2019

    No, which one files first makes absolutely no difference. Now, the key to answering your question depends on the age of the child and whether you and your wife have physical custody of the kid for...
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    Vacating a Judgment: Re: Levy on Account for Unknown Reason

    1. Get the bank to give you a copy of the levy/garnishment order that it claims it acted upon in taking out the money.
    2. Look up the judgment that is the basis of the levy and get a copy of that....
  15. Chapter 11: Re: Motion Filed Before Defendant Filed Bankruptcy

    If you get the stay lifted then the court hearing the injunction request (which isn't the bankruptcy court) whether the complaint or motion for the injunction was filed before or after the bankruptcy...
  16. State Taxes: Re: Sales Tax when Purchasing Online from Another State

    Many businesses do pay attention to the use tax, particularly medium to large firms, because they have to keep records for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, taxes and states do...
  17. State Taxes: Re: Sales Tax when Purchasing Online from Another State

    The use tax is not all that well known, which is one of the reasons the states with sales taxes were keen to get the Supreme Court to overturn the physical presence requirement and let them require...
  18. State Taxes: Re: Sales Tax when Purchasing Online from Another State

    If the conditions met in CA Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) Publication 101 were met then the seller was not required to collect the California sales tax. If the seller will not...
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    Starting a Business: Re: How to Start a 501c3 Organization

    Sloth, you posted on a thread that is now 7 months old and the OP has not been back since. This site discourages re-opening old threads by persons other than the OP as the information you post is not...
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Exicigent Circumstances

    If the police claim exigent circumstances to justify the blood draw, then the police will have to support their claim to the exigent circumstances when the blood draw is challenged. I have no way to...
  21. Re: Court of Appeals of Michigan Really Got This Wrong

    It is hardly judiciary gone over the edge. The court is interpeting a part of the statute. The trial court said that the defendant did not do "perform" a tire rotation. The appeals court merely...
  22. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: May an Administrator Distribute Property to the Heirs of a Deceased Devisee

    It should be distributed to the estate of the deceased beneficiary as it is the rightful recipient of the deceased beneficiary's share. It's not up to the new administrator of the other estate to...
  23. Recovery of Premises: Re: She Won't Pay, but She Won't Move Out Either. Isn't That a Crime

    It is indeed a business transaction. But when the business is providing housing to others then the transaction is a landlord-tenant arrangement. And when the tenant does not pay up as promised that's...
  24. Disputing Debts: Re: Late "Fees" Not Late Payments, Showing Up on Credit Report, Paid Off All Payments

    As long as what the creditor reports to the CRA is accurate there will be no FCRA violation. Any amount that you owe — whether principal, interest, or fees — that is not paid timely may be reported...
  25. Discovery: Re: Can a Lay Person Appointed Attorney-In-Fact Take an Oath on Behalf of Principal


    The person in question is apparently signing responses for the defendant. There are two problems with that. First, the person signing can only attest to things for which he or she has...
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