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    Re: Being watched in Oklahoma

    I agree that it is probably a PI. If you want to know for sure, call the police and report a suspicious person/vehicle hanging around. If they show up, it is most likely not a cop. If the guy...
  2. Pardons and Clemency: Re: Is it legal to publish pardon information online?

    However, the record will still most likely be on the FBI database. I would list in when you are filling out SF-86, in the other category. It will most likely come up, and not admitting it will harm...
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    False Light: Re: Website full of lies

    I would consult a civil lawyer as well, as there are penalties for that kind of behavior. Some lawyers only will charge if you win the case. However, if you cannot afford a lawyer, it is possible...
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    Background Checks: Security Clearances After Conviction

    Does anyone know or can find the statistics for 10 USC 986 to be waived? I am interested in knowing how many times it has been waived since it's introduction in 2004, and for what reasons. Does...
  5. Setting aside a juvenile conviction in Ohio

    Does anyone know the laws concerning setting aside or expunging juvenile records in Ohio? I am pretty sure expunging and sealing are now the same, but can a conviction be set aside? Thanks in...
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    Re: Juvenile charges and security clearances

    It is a contractor job for the Navy, requiring a secret-level clearance. The state for the juvenile charges is Ohio. Also, would anyone know how this would affect getting an interim clearance?
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    Re: Handcuffing Juveniles

    In Ohio, policies on handcuffing juveniles can vary by city. However, I know of no law that prohibits juveniles for being handcuffed.
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    Juvenile charges and security clearances

    I am 22 now and am applying for a secret clearance for my job. My problem is: when I was 15, I was charged with 4 counts of arson. I spent over 1 year in juvenile hall. The records were later...
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