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    Retailers: Re: Buying Small Amounts of Gasoline

    Do what AJ says and you can buy one gallon of gas, add a fuel stabilizer to it and you can store the extra gas for a few months until when needed.
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    Service Providers: Re: Paid for Services Not Delivered

    Correct, I should have used "if" instead of "the".

    100% civil matter unless like stated above that the contractor has done this to other homeowners. And I'll add if this was done to other...
  3. Re: What Happens if a Defandant Knowing He's About to Lose Speaks Directly to Jury an

    Jeez, this wouldn't even make a good movie...
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    Home Insurance: Re: Homeowner Insurance Underpayment

    $33,000? They should pay for the cabinets that were damaged to get replaced, not every cabinet in the kitchen. They should also pay for the section of floor that was damaged, not the entire kitchen...
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    Service Providers: Re: Paid for Services Not Delivered

    It may be a criminal matter. The contractor was a scammer, he took the money and ran. If he took the money, started the job but never finished it, then it would be a civil matter.
  6. Other Professional Malpractice: Re: Dental X-Rays Taken on an Epileptic Four-Year-Old Without Parental Consent

    They have a grudge against dentists?
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    Re: Accident Advice

    She could have had an open bottle of beer in her car and visibly drunk, and the accident would still be 100% your fault.
  8. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Will Sealing a Criminal Record Remove It from an FBI Background Check

    Are you looking to exspung an arrest record that you were found not guilty or a charge that was never filed, or are you looking to exspung a criminal record that you were found guilty of in a court...
  9. Field Sobriety Tests: Re: Field Sobriety Tests in New Jersey

    Although it is against the law to refuse a breathalyzer test in NJ, you should choose to refuse that test. Once you refuse the chemical test, your license will automatically be suspended for 7...
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    Re: Agg DWI Parked Car

    Hold a few seconds, my crystal ball is being re-calibrated.
  11. Expungement and Sealing: Re: 851.91 Will Sealing a Record Remove It from the Fbi Background Check

    I'm not sure if it would be CA DOJ or CHP, have a qualified CA expungment attorney complete the process for you.
  12. Purchase Contracts: Re: Purchased House at 1,891 Sq Ft, House is Only 1,440 Sq Ft ($60,000 Difference in

    I think they're more worried about the roof collapsing onto the second floor while they're in bed.
  13. Giving Notice: Re: Estate Giving Notice on Behalf of a Deceased Tenant

    Maybe the notice was computer generated?
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    Other Injuries: Re: Wrongful Death

    The paper stated that he was a contracted employee for Microsoft, where did you read that he was a manager?
  15. Sales Agreements: Re: Dealer Didnit' Register Used Car I Bought

    Yes, I deleted the post after I read the post again. Thanks...

    With that said, OP, do you have a registration card showing the vehicle is registered? If not, then why haven't you called the dealer...
  16. Speeding Tickets: Re: Must I Pay Speeding Ticket Issued in Private Property

    I'll also add to this, if the security guard were to hold you for local law enforcement to arrive, the police officer can write you a ticket (most likely careless driving) and the security guard...
  17. Expungement and Sealing: Re: 851.91 Will Sealing a Record Remove It from the Fbi Background Check

    Exactly... The FBI can be asked to follow the courts order, but they do not have to comply. Some times they do, most times they don't. It would be in the best interest of the seeker to have their...
  18. Water Runoff: Re: Next Door Pond Flooding My Property in Erie County, New York

    Jack, I think you can be held liable if you damage the property of someone else by channeling the water away from your property.
  19. Background Checks: Re: Expunged Petty Theft Misdemeanor Working at School District

    And you just may get that chance. Even if you didn't get an exspungment, you may still get the job as you have done everything right after your conviction. That is what an employer looks for in a...
  20. Sale and Deficiency: Re: Can a Seller Decide to Take Back a Vehicle After Already Receiving Money for It

    Agree with Jack. Give her the car back, but make sure you have the money in hand. If she files a stolen vehicle report, she can be arrested for filing a false police report. This is a civil matter...
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    Service and Repair: Re: Sold Wrong Size Tires

    The tire company that you purchased the tires from should have notified you before doing any service if you had the wrong tire size on your vehicle to begin with. So I think that they looked your...
  22. Police Conduct: Re: Following

    No. It is not considered harassment.

    He can follow you anywhere in the state.

    If you're talking about a state trooper, he can follow you throughout the state.
  23. Service and Repair: Re: Sent Me Off with Loose or Improperly Installed Lugnuts Nearly Caused Serious Acci

    But what if you never made the ICU because when you crashed into the gas station you burned to death because no one could get you out of the vehicle as your legs were pinned in-between the floor and...
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    Eviction Process: Re: Evicting Family Members

    Then she can take mom out to lunch and then call the cops... :)
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    Eviction Process: Re: Evicting Family Members

    I would wait for my sister to have plenty of drugs around before notifying the police and telling them that they have YOUR permission to enter the dwelling. She would be in violation of her probation...
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