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  1. Re: Mother is Not Following Order After Final Visitation Order

    This is all on you, dude. I get that you have cultural differences that some of the advisors here don't grasp, but still... You are hurting that boy and no-one else. :wallbang:
  2. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Child Custody Jurisdiction Between Native American and Non Native American Parent

    Did you try googling 'tribal law'?
  3. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Challenges Dealing with Multiple Groups of Heirs

    I'd have all the furniture inventoried and then moved into a warehouse. Pay the first month storage from the estate. Give the keys to the step-children and let them deal with it.
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    Service Providers: Re: Engine Done After Oil Change

    Tell Oil Change people that they need to go where the vehicle is located. Waiting only makes it possible that the video of the change gets erased/taped over. If they won't do it, contact their...
  5. Student Discipline: Re: Filing a Grievance or Lawsuit Against a School District

    Good attorneys do not troll message boards looking for clients.
  6. Ownership Rights: Re: Photographer Sent Unsolicited Visible Portrait by Mail

    In this day of automation, how many humans do you think laid hands on that actual envelope?
  7. Other Violations: Re: Ticket for Not Properly Displaying a FasTrak Transponder

    Yes, we do mind you resurrecting an old thread, especially since it is not your old thread. :stupid:
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    Defective Drugs and Medications: Re: Lawyers Unable to Help Me.

    What you had/have are normal side effects of Risperidone. I suggest you go back to your psychiatrist and talk about a different medication to treat your psychiatric symptoms.
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    Service and Repair: Re: Carwash Damaged My Car

    I have yet to drive through any carwash that did not have a sign about using at your own risk and if your car breaks/is damaged, it's on you.
  10. Stalking: Re: The Person Who Has Filed a Restraining Order Against Me is Doing Work at My House

    Call the contractor and tell him that she is not to work on your project. Easy, simple, effective. If the contractor refuses, then fire the contractor.
  11. Pets and Animals: Re: What to Do if Your Neighbor's Dogs are Trespassing on Your Land

    Once the dogs have the flock for lunch, then the dogs will have to go. Livestock always trumps dogs.

    Chickens are less expensive than goats and a donkey, in terms of acquisition and food stuffs. ...
  12. Pets and Animals: Re: What to Do if Your Neighbor's Dogs are Trespassing on Your Land

    Get some chickens. When the dogs chase your chickens, then you can use means to protect your livestock.
  13. Service Providers: Re: Electric Company Tree Removal

    More common than you would know, but since there's usually no loss of human life/habitat, it doesn't get as much press as the fires out West.
  14. Post-Conviction Relief: Re: Houston County Alabama Trial Judge, Dueling Transcripts and "Lost" Audio Recordin

    Maybe start at Dothan's daily newspaper, the Dothan Eagle.
  15. Fences and Walls: Re: Barbed Wire Fence in a Residential Lot

    I live in a rural area in Bama. There's barbed wire fence separating my land from my neighbor's land. Meh. Very few codes out here - one could not mow grass for several years and have no problems.
  16. Disability and Elder Law Issues: Re: Hospital Wants to Discharge 92 Year Old Mother to Hospice

    Phil can go pick up Sara and take her to any facility he wants and that will accept her. Phil has been an ugly word for expecting the hospital to do his job of taking care of Sara. Old people can...
  17. Other Injuries: Re: Someone Told Me to Delete System 32. Can I Sue Them and Win

    OP seems to have a lot of 'interesting' questions for this forum. :stupid:
  18. Support Arrears: Re: Arrears Forgiveness

    If Mom was ever on State Aid, she may not waive what you owe the great State of Texas' taxpayers.
  19. Disqualification: Re: Unemployment Eligibility for Medical Reasons in Nevada

    Programmers have to talk to people quite often, so you are misinformed about that.
  20. Separation: Re: Family or Litigation Lawyer Co-Parenting Under the Same Roof Has Gone Wrong

    Down the street, OP says they live in Canada. So, OP would be better served to find a site versed in Canadian law.
  21. Calculation of Support: Re: How to Determine Amount Paid when Parent Owns LLC and Pays Themselves

    Several times, I've seen mention of 'our' child. The only 'our' there is are you and the child's father. Your husband has not legal rights nor say in any of this.
  22. Medical Malpractice: Re: 8 Year Old Boy Was Taking Seroquel and Got Tardive Dyskinesia, Do I Have a Lawsui

    Congentin (benzotropine) and Benadryl (diphenhydramine) are both common treatments for tardive dyskinesia.
  23. Re: You Don't Need a Drivers License to Travel on Public Roadway

    Take your 'sovereign citizen' crap and go away. You are not the first half-wit to post this meaningless junk.
  24. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Custodial is Again Interfering with Phonecalls. Filing a Motion for Failure to Ob

    How do you not understand that court orders are laws for you? You have to follow them or suffer the consequences.
  25. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Custodial is Again Interfering with Phonecalls. Filing a Motion for Failure to Ob

    Dude, if you don't know, no-one here can explain it to you. The judge might be able to explain this to you as he busts your visitation down to supervised with you paying for it.
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