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  1. Marriage: Re: Starting School After Applying For Adjustment of Status Based on Marriage

    I don't think those kinds od programs require one to be a USC or LPR. It's just the colleges and even if she applies for adjustment of status, she will have to wait till she's been given the...
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    Marriage: Re: Marriage Fraud - I'm The Victim

    One sad thing though is many innocent American citizens have been taken for a ride. But in many cases i've witnessed, the victims(american citizens) ought to have realized it was too good to be true....
  3. Naturalization: Re: Will a Restraining Order Affect Applying for Citizenship

    There is a great chance you'll be denied but ypu can give it a try if you don't mind losing you $$$. I know a good number of people who have been denied for domestic related issues.
  4. Re: Is Marriage Possible During Citizenship Processing

    It's always advisable that you keep to whatever information you wrote down in an application when it comes to USCIS because the smallest mistake could cost both you & your spouse. If when applying...
  5. Marriage: Re: Interview is Right Before 2 Year Anniversary: Do I Still Get Conditional Green Ca

    You're going to be issued a 2yr conditional card because per USCIS you've not been married for over 2yrs. What is more important is trying to work out the issues in your marriage.
  6. Thread: Filing N-400

    by ale

    Naturalization: Re: Filing N-400

    That will be considered an aggrevated felony. I know somebody in Tacoma(WA) who was pretty much in the same situation. Apparently the Immigration officer told her that regardless of the courts...
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    Naturalization: Naturalization Success

    Hi everybody
    I have some great news. After living for 3yrs &2mths in the US, I finally became a Naturalized US citizen 08/14/09
    it was a great feeling. Many of my friends think this was alittle too...
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