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  1. Collection and Enforcement: Re: Judge Ruled That Child and Spousal Support Due Me Be Paid from My Share of 401k $

    Could this be a typo that was actually supposed to state that the support was to be paid out of ex's portion of the 401k?
  2. Adoption of Adults: Re: Can I Adopt My Stepson at 18 Without His Mothers Permission

    As soon as your step son is a legal adult you can adopt him without his mother's permission. You'll just do an adult adoption, which is much easier. Also as an adult, he can live anywhere he chooses.
  3. Re: Can Bio Father File After Child Has Been Adopted

    First- the mother will have to marry.
    Once she is married, she will have to be married for at least 1 year before filing for a step-parent adoption.

    Then when she files, she HAS TO legally...
  4. Re: Child Support from Current Husband for Child of Another Relationship

    Your question is: "Is it legal in the state of California for me to add her to my child support claim?"

    The answer, for ALL states, including CA is NO! It is called paternity fraud.
  5. Re: Help, I Miss My Husband

    Child custody and visitation is legally based on what is best for the child.
    It is NOT about what you, your husband, or even your ex wants, it is only about your child.
    The laws are written with...
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    Sex Offenses: Re: 27 Year Old Man with 16 Year Old Girl

    There was another young girl like you who just didn't get it, please read her posts and my posts telling the truth about how Florida treats sex offenders. Although my son was younger, and was lied to...
  7. Re: Non Custodial Parent Disagrees with Childcare Arrangement

    It depends.

    What is the EXACT wording of GF's and ex's court order regarding custody and visitation?
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    Re: Perjury in Family Court

    Your post is very confusing, You should get a consult with a local attorney ASAP for your answers.
  9. Adoption of Children: Re: How Long Does a Step Parent Adoption Take with Out Consent

    Get a consult with a local adoption attorney. You can get a low cost consult by calling the Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-342-8011.
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    Child Neglect: Re: Children Left Unsupervised in a Pool

    What is the EXACT wording of your EXISTING visitation order?

    If you have an existing visitation order- does your attorney know that you are denying visitations, and if your...
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    Re: Change of Circumstance for Custody

    Okay, I see what the problem is. You tried to open a new case with listing the DOR in a different jurisdiction. You cannot do that.

    You need to file for a modification of the existing CS order,...
  12. Re: Is an Ro Considered Small Claims

    It was likely filed in civil court, under domestic relations section, or family court.
  13. Re: I Am 20 Years Old and Want My Bio Dad on My Birth Certificate

    Your bio dad will need to do an adult adoption. Since you are an adult, your legal, adoptive father cannot contest.
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    Re: Florida CSE Went Against Direct Court Order

    As soon as your ex pays the state what is owed to them, she can request that the DOR close thier portion of the case, leaving the case as a court case not being enforced by the DOR.
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    Re: Change of Circumstance for Custody

    Did you file a seperate petition on the same case number, or did you file a petition for a modification of the existing case?

    What was the title and exact wording of the pleading that you filed...
  16. Re: Going to Prison, and Trying to Leave My Daughter with My Wife Not Her Mom

    Do you have an attorney?

    If you don't, you are going to need one ASAP.
    Although Mom is on drugs, you are also facing charges relating to drugs and you're really going to have to have an attorney...
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    Adoption of Children: Re: Putting Husbands Name on Birth Certificate

    If the adoption was done only for your mother, then your father will also have to file an adoption petition.

    Actually, the best thing to do will be for your parents to take all of the adoption...
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    Re: Schedule Troubles, Please Advise

    You'll have to file for a modification, and you should request that your ex be ordered to pay for any costs associated with the modification since she is the party who is not being flexible.
  19. Re: Brother's Ex Wants to Take Away Visitation Rights

    Absent any huge problems, she won't be able to keep him out of his child's life.

    Until the baby is actually born, there's nothing your brother can do from a legal standpoint. However, there are...
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    Re: Duval County Florida Responding to a Summons

    Your typed answer is not going to do it.

    If you are pro-se, representing yourself, you have to use the family law forms that can be found at the links already provided for you.

    First, you'll...
  21. Re: How to Convince a Court to Use Actual, Not Imputed, Income

    Apparently the OP has filed an appeal and has been granted a rehearing.
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    Re: Florida Child Support

    It depends on how the CS amount was determined.

    Was Dad's (NOT "bio Dad) parenting time included in the calculations?

    If it was and Dad is no longer using his parenting time then the order...
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    Termination of Support: Re: Ending of Child Support in Missouri

    What is the exact wording of your court order?

    In MO CS ends at age 18, or if the child is still in HS, age 21 or graduation from HS whichever is sooner, unless your court order specifies college...
  24. Re: How to Convince a Court to Use Actual, Not Imputed, Income

    If you had been making a full effort to find a full time job, you would've been able to take proof into court. However, since you have not been making much of an effort then you can expect to be...
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    Re: Summer Parenting Time

    What exactly are your reasons for not wanting to allow the 2 weeks in the summer?

    So, school let out this year 4 days, (Not weeks, days) later than it should have, why should that have any bearing...
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