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  1. Education Law Issues: Re: Disclosing a Criminal History When Applying to Dental School

    You also don't want to put in all the work and money going to dental school only to find out you won't be allowed to practice. Good luck, and I hope it all works out for you!
  2. Lights, Signs and Traffic Controls: Re: Wife's Red Light Camera Ticket Dismissed but Citation Sent to Husband

    Quit running red lights.

    Tell that to the judge. PLEASE let us know what he says. (his exact words) I'm anxious to know!
  3. Relocation: Re: Does a Custody Order Requiring Nearby Households Apply if a Parent Moves Out of S

    No, you do not have to follow her. She, however, would need permission from the court to move the kids more than 25 miles away from you.
  4. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Will Police Be Involved Even Though They Have the Items

    I'm starting to believe you don't even have one. This answer is getting stale. Just buy a new one already and be done with it!
  5. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: What to Do if the Other Parent is Not Following Doctor's Directions

    I think you should talk to your attorney about this. Your ex doesn't seem to be taking this seriously at all.
  6. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Ex Not Always Informing Me of My Son's Medical and Vision Appointments

    What recourse do you want? Do you think because she didn't inform you of the glasses, you shouldn't have to pay?
    I think, with your child being 15 years old, you are being a bit silly. Do you want...
  7. Calculation of Support: Re: Child Support for 2 Kids

    The first to file (with a legitimate claim) gets the most. All subsequent claims go down from there. Make sure the other child is dna tested to make sure it is his.
  8. Changing a Child's Name: Re: If a Child Support Order is Issued Can the Father Change the Child's Last Name

    Yep. How often do you see your daughter? When was the last time you spent time with her? What does your daughter say about having her name changed? Is it something she wanted?
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    Adoption of Children: Re: Step-Mother Wants to Adopt Step-Daughters

    Bless you for caring for those girls. Whether it's on paper or not, they know and will always remember who cares for them, nurtures them and loves them. You are their step-mother, and that's not a...
  10. Establishing Paternity: Re: What to Do if Somebody Says She's Pregnant With Your Child

    As far as you are concerned, there is no we/us legally involved in the baby's life. That is a legal reality. Good luck.
  11. Divorce: Re: What to Do After You Discover Your Spouse is Unfaithful

    I'm sorry you and your family are going through this. For non-legal advice, google surviving infidelity (dot com) They can help you through the emotional stuff. For legal advice, talk to a few...
  12. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Can You Go Back to a Store That Banned You for Shoplifting

    If you *are* real, (which I seriously doubt) I just want to say do it! It's horrible advice (actually the worst you could get) but it would be entertaining for me...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Shoplifting Advice

    Don't go back to the store. Don't write them a letter, don't do anything.
    But mostly, don't ever steal again.
    Sometimes instead of learning from the mistakes of others, some of us have to find it...
  14. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Can You Go Back to a Store That Banned You for Shoplifting

    You haven't met my ex...
  15. Survivors Benefits: Re: Help

    Why did you take a dna test at this time?
    I wouldn't go poking that bear (pursuing SSI for her) because I believe they would have to disestablish you as the father in order to establish the other...
  16. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Non Biological Father/ on Birth Certifacate Rights to Visitation

    Your at home test will mean nothing. The court will conduct its own test should someone take this to court. At this point, either of the men involved may end up legally being the father. Whichever...
  17. Support Arrears: Re: What to Do at a Support Hearing After Getting Laid Off

    I'm curious to know why you didn't realize arrears were piling up. You knew you had the obligation. Did you think it stopped being an obligation when you could no longer afford it? There are steps...
  18. Modification of Custody: Re: Modification of Travel Arrangements for Visition

    Maybe it's time to modify the arrangements. Are you open to lowering the support until he finds a job, and maybe even meeting him half way? Have you always lived so far apart? (how far apart do you...
  19. Modification of Custody: Re: Absent Father is Threatening to Pursue Visitation if I Pursue Back Child Support

    I can see both sides of this. Would you consider dropping the back child support but asking for child support going forward and an introductory visitation schedule with dad (which would eventually...
  20. Modification of Custody: Re: Can Failed Drug Tests be Used to Prove a Parent is Unfit

    Can you request a hair follicle test?
  21. Stalking: Re: Cease and Desist Notice Received Alleging Cyber Stalking

    I agree. The wording of the letter is strange also. I think the lady (or the OP's estranged husband) got the bright idea to text (text!) a cease and desist letter, and either wrote it (poorly)...
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    Re: Cyber Stalking and Harrassment Charges

    Were (any of) the restraining orders restricting your contact with the same person you are accused of cyber-stalking? Regardless, you need to leave this person/people alone, and get some therapy. You...
  23. Presumption of Paternity: Re: Can Your Boyfriend Legally Sign for the Brith Certificate if You're Still Married

    You need to get a divorce and ask that the paternity established by marriage be revoked. Do it ASAP. (and don't get pregnant again in the meantime!)
  24. Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: Grandparents Rights When One Parent is Deceased

    But he says that "her parents have multiple arrests for DUI's and domestic violence." Perhaps he is just trying to protect his child. I can see where he would be concerned, and daytime visits seem...
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    Re: Cyber Stalking and Harrassment Charges

    He lives in the state of Washington.
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