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    Mineral Rights: Who Owns My Mineral Rights

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Texas

    I own a home on the Barnett Shale where lots of drilling activity is going on. In May I signed a lease for my mineral rights. Under...
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    Starting a Business: Teens Going Into Business Together

    My question involves business law in the state of: Texas

    My daughter and 2 of her friends (all ages 14 and 15) have a band with a large myspace fan base. They are in the process of recording...
  3. Re: Can A Teen Be Issued A Federal ID Number?

    I'm not familiar with a LCC (or did you mean LLC?).

    I'm sure a DBA is cheaper than forming an LLC in Texas (the SOS charges $300 to file a certificate of formation and another $40 to reserve the...
  4. Re: Can A Teen Be Issued A Federal ID Number?

    Thanks. I work in a law firm (not corporate law, though). I have set up LLCs before, through the SOS. I'm a I know the paperwork to do, but I don't know the laws and "rules" on...
  5. Can A Teen Be Issued A Federal ID Number?

    My daughter and 2 of her friends formed a band last summer that is very popular on myspace. They are recording their first CD and plan to sell it via and itunes, along with other band...
  6. Re: Child Support In Texas With No Father On Birth Certificate

    Texas family code presumes that 4 years of back support is fair and reasonable and that is usually all that the AG will seek except in certain circumstances.

    Back support would be based on his...
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    Re: Biological Father Seeking Rights

    No. (I assume his paternity suit was dismissed on statute of limitations defense?)

    Even if he were to steal a hair from her brush and pay for a private DNA test, he still has no LEGAL rights of...
  8. Re: Biological Father Wants Visitation After 15 and 13 Years Of Abandonment

    I may be mistaken, but I was merely responding to your post:

    As the mother a 14 year old who has NEVER even met her father, by his choice, I am also very familiar with the pain abandoned...
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    Re: Limited Info

    Is her name on the petition you were served? Have you tried calling "information" or "googling" her?
  10. Re: Transportation Is Expensive For Non-Custodial Parent

    and where is "this town"? In Texas or Oklahoma? Where was the child born? What state has jurisdication over the support/custody case?
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    Re: Relinquishing Parental Rights

    Instead of offering to sell his visitation rights for the price of his support obligation, why doesn't he FIGHT FOR HIS VISITATION RIGHTS instead!

    Good grief. Have him file a motion for contempt...
  12. Re: Biological Father Wants Visitation After 15 and 13 Years Of Abandonment

    Did he ever have visitation rights? Child support and visitation are completely separate issues and one does not control the other. Unless he's been found unfit by a court of law and had his...
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    Re: What Legal Steps Do We Need To Take

    Now that "legal dad" knows that the child is not his biologically, does he want to continue to be the child's father? I'm not familiar specifically with Illinois law, but most states have a statute...
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    Re: Biological father seeking rights

    Yes....this is true in Texas. Your husband is your daughter's legally recognized father. The statute of limitations for this other man to challenge paternity expired when your daughter was 4 years...
  15. Re: Statute of Limitations on Determining Paternity in Texas

    You haven't said so, but I am assuming that the mother of the child was not married to you or anyone other man at the time the child was born. IF she HAD been married....either to you or to someone...
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    Re: Why Do Fathers Have To Pay So Much?

    I don't know about the national average, but if you lived in Texas, that sounds about right. Texas considers only the net income of the NCP in calculating support (except in case of joint custody). ...
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    Re: Why Do Fathers Have To Pay So Much?

    See bolded portion some states they have a SAY.....THEY don't have the final word. The Judge may consider the child's preference, but would rule on what the Judge feels to be in the...
  18. Re: Removing a Father's Name From a Birth Certificate

    Are you the mother of the child? Were the named parents ever married?
  19. Re: Financing Unavailable - Will The Contract Be Voided?

    As Aaron said, no one here can tell you if the salesman is lying, but I can't imagine any lending institution agreeing to a 7 year loan on a 4 year old car. It really depends on the sales price and...
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    Garnishment and Execution: Re: Need help despartely

    I do know someone that was in a similar situation many years ago in Texas. In that case, the thief borrowed money from every family member he could in order to make restitution to the business...
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    Garnishment and Execution: Re: Need help despartely

    Do you know of any other reason the bank would put a hold on two accounts in your name? Do you have any outstanding debt judgments? Owe the IRS?
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    Re: Retroactive Child Support

    No...the grandparents have no dog in this fight. The parents of the child are no longer minors.
  23. Re: Custody help please

    Wrong. If parents were never married, only mom has legal custody. Dad will have to petition for custody/visitation.
  24. Re: Discovery Strategy For A Parent Who Is Underreporting Income

    My experience is that most family law attorneys DONT make high is not the motivating factor when a lawyer chooses family law as his/her area of specialty.

    Passing the bar exam...
  25. Re: Paying Child Support for 10 Years, but DNA Test Excludes Paternity

    Keep in mind that there is also the possibility that, after spending $$$$ in fees to attempt to rescind your husband's acknowledgment of paternity after 10 years, any court ordered DNA test will be...
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