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    Unlawful Presence and Overstay: Re: Former H1-B with 207 Days Oos


    I did some more digging. The INA does not define the term "unlawful presence", but there is an INS Memo on Unlawful Presence dated September 19, 1997. This memo states in...
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    Auto Insurance: Hit by Uninsured Driver

    I was hit by an uninsured driver in April of last year while stopped at a red light. My car was severely damaged; his SUV was totaled. I immediately called 911, and the police took down both our...
  3. Thread: Marriage Abroad

    by Viking

    Out-of-State Marriage: Marriage Abroad

    I am Norwegian citizen; my fiancee is a US citizen and a resident of Florida. We are planning to get married in Norway, and are currently researching the requirements for this.

    Norway requires...
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    Unlawful Entry: Re: Got a Ticket for Driving Without a License

    Generally speaking, not paying (or contesting) a ticket by your court date will result in a warrant for your arrest. This is a matter of state law, and has little to do with immigration in and of...
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    Unlawful Presence and Overstay: Re: Overstayed 60 Days in USA

    First off, you would not be issued an I-94 (white) because the I-94 is issued to visitors with a valid US visa.

    Second, you would not be issued an I-94W (green) because those are issued to...
  6. Unlawful Presence and Overstay: Re: Applying for Work Permit While Waiting for Adjustment of Status Interview

    The Social Security Administration will require proof of legal presence in order to issue a replacement card. Being out of status, you will not have that proof until/unless you successfully adjust...
  7. Unlawful Presence and Overstay: Re: Overstayed Student Visa-Leaving States Problematic

    This is not entirely correct. The US government will not stop her, but the airline may prohibit her from boarding a flight if she cannot show that she has the necessary documents to legally enter the...
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    Unlawful Presence and Overstay: Former H1-B with 207 Days Out of Status

    I was in the US from 2005 until 2009 on an H1-B visa. I quit my job in May 2009, planning to take advantage of the portability provisions of the H1-B, but when the new employer sent my documents to...
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