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  1. Re: Can I Charge Someone for Pouring Soda on My Car
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    Modification of Custody: Re: Best Time for Custody Arrangements

    Could you elaborate about what this means. An agreement, by definition requires two (or more) parties, so it is impossible for you to change an agreement without your child's father's involvement. ...
  3. Thread: Divorce

    by pg1067

    Re: Divorce

    Only an attorney who practices family law in ____ County, Georgia can provide you reliable information about what is and isn't normal in that county.

    What does this mean? Did you call your...
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    Re: Signing a Ticket

    That's awfully vague. When you get a traffic ticket, it's because the cop believes you committed a crime (a very minor crime, but a crime nonetheless). Since it would not be practical to effect a...
  5. Chapter 11: Re: Motion Filed Before Defendant Filed Bankruptcy

  6. Re: Search and Siezure of Home Due to Unauthorized Mail Delivery

    Fascinating hypothetical story.

    Do you have a question?
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    Working With a Lawyer: Re: Lawyer Bad Rep Reinforced, Disgusted

    Attorneys in California are required to submit any fee dispute to arbitration through the State Bar, if the client chooses. Thus, the client has the option of pursuing arbitration or suing (and it's...
  8. Trusts: Re: Terminating Simple Trust, Los Angeles County

    No it isn't, and I'm really at a loss as to why you'd think that. The County of Los Angeles (like the other 57 counties in California) has precisely zero laws governing trusts. All laws governing...
  9. Filing a Complaint: Re: How Much of the Small Claims Court Process Can Be Done by an Assistant?

    The thing is that you have to testify. An interpreter cannot testify on your behalf. What an interpreter can do (with the court's permission) is "translate" what you say, but if you're speaking...
  10. Filing a Complaint: Re: How Much of the Small Claims Court Process Can Be Done by an Assistant?

    A person who is not a lawyer may legally do the following things:

    1. Fill out forms as specifically directed by you.
    2. Take documents to the courthouse and file them for you.
    3. Serve process...
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    Re: Can I Sue a Large Corporate Restaurant

    According to a very quick and cursory Google search, Georgia does not require that employers give employees (even those who are minors) breaks (nor does federal law impose such a requirement).

  12. Federal Taxes: Re: Calling Taxing Matters - LLC Annual Meeting Costs

    Are you doing anything on these hypothetical trips other than conducting an annual meeting? Who else besides you would be attending these hypothetical meetings?
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    Ownership Rights: Re: Maintaining Neighbors Yard

    You can claim anything you like.

    If you're thinking of some sort of adverse possession claim, you can forget that because your possession/use of your neighbor's property is with the neighbor's...
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    Re: Co Signer Want Out

    This is what you agreed to, so you're stuck, unless she is on a month-to-month lease, in which case you ought to be able to terminate your guarantee by giving the landlord 30 days' notice. If she's...
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    Application: Re: Taking Applications Online

    Your question is a direct request for legal advice. Please review the Notice at the bottom of every page at this site:

    "Notice: Information provided in the forum is not intended to substitute for...
  16. Re: Can I Charge Someone for Pouring Soda on My Car

    Until you answer "llworking's" question, it is pointless to address yours. It's also kinda pointless until you make a determination whether this was done accidentally or on purpose.
  17. Criminal Investigations: Re: How Can I Get Justice for My Son He Was Murdered and No Charges Where Filed

    You have no viable civil claim against the police. I suggest you focus your efforts on trying to convince the county prosecuting attorney to file charges. Also, it is hardly unreasonable for...
  18. Property Rights: Re: Boyfriend Kicked Me Out, Won't Let Me Get My Items, Over 2 Weeks. California Stat

    Please elaborate as to what this means since I assume he did not physically kick you in order to force you to leave.

    Not really sure what sort of response you're seeking or what "officer...
  19. Property Rights: Re: Boyfriend Kicked Me Out, Won't Let Me Get My Belongings, Been Over 2 Wk. Californ

    Link to the other thread.
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    Embezzlement: Re: Possible Embezzlement Charge Coming for

    It is axiomatic that a person can do do anything that he has done. It's worth noting, however, that threatening someone with criminal prosecution in order to coerce the person to pay money (even...
  21. Minors' Rights: Re: Legalities of My Boyfriend Moving in with Me

    If your "boyfriend's" mother gave you power of attorney, then you might be able to legally acquire prescription medication for "him." Otherwise, you can't.

    I have no idea what "a Notice to...
  22. Re: Visitation and Custody when Safety Becomes an Issue

    What response did you receive when you spoke with your child's father about the child's allegation?

    These are not questions anyone other than you can answer. However, denying court-ordered...
  23. Suspension and Revocation: Re: For Accident Judgement Over 10 Years Old, How Can I Get It Released

    Not quite sure what you're contemplating or what this has to do with "a driver's license," but a quick Google search indicates that judgments issued by Texas state courts are only enforceable for ten...
  24. Collection and Enforcement: Re: Ga: Can I Collect Cs While Cs Order is on Appeal

    Fair enough.
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    Re: Legality of Employee Discount Loophole

    [link elided - Mod]

    I'm not so sure about that. The OP seems to indicate that this is entirely within the rules of the discount program. That the OP suspects (probably rightly so) that the...
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