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    Re: California Prop 19

    You really need to speak with an estate planning attorney. Putting the property in trust will result in a change of ownership when that trust property is transferred to whomever gets it from the...
  2. Thread: Elder Law

    by LegalWriter

    Medicare and Medicaid: Re: Elder Law

    To report suspected elder mistreatment in the home and in long-term care facilities in Indiana call: 1-800-992-6978.
  3. Re: Alleged Incident While Driving: Passenger Recording Driver on Cell Phone

    There is no law prohibiting it.
  4. Re: What Needs to Be Proven in Small Claims Court

    Says the guy who was NGRI....pot meet kettle
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: First Time Dui, Query About the Outcome

    What the cop put on the ticket is irrelevant. The information you provided shows that the DA filed a criminal complaint and it's what's charged on that document that matters. It appears that DUI...
  6. Unlicensed Driving: Re: Got a Misdemeanor on My First Ticket -- What to Do

    If you walk in to court with a valid license, the court can amend the charge to 12951, no license in possession, which is an infraction. You should be eligible for traffic school on the moving...
  7. Application & Eligibility: Re: Must I Disclose an Expunged Misdemeanor to Become a Federal Nmls Registered Mlo

    Depends upon the specific state. Generally, expunged convictions are only hidden from public view but not the government so they must be disclosed if you applying for a government job or...
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    Re: $16 from Walmart

    Let's hope the OP doesn't follow your suggestion. To do so wouldn't have the outcome you predict. What it WILL do is escalate what was a possible simple petty theft to a robbery which carries...
  9. Pretrial Procedure: Re: What to Do if Public Defender Fails to Collect Video Evidence and Question Witnes

    The OP specifically asked if charges could be dropped because of his attorney's perceived inaction. The answer to that question is no and it doesn't matter what the charges are, the answer would be...
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    Estate Planning Issues: Re: Removing an Executor, Will This Work

    The codicil can also be added on the last page of the current will but you are correct, it should never be added as a separate document.
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    Estate Planning Issues: Re: Removing an Executor, Will This Work

    You need to prepare a codicil to the will and it must be executed with the same requirements as the execution requirements for a valid will, as outlined in the California Probate Code.
  12. Re: Is the Public Defender Giving My Aunt False Hope

    I'll just add what the guy says his PD said may or may not be what he was actually told....
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    Police Conduct: Re: Statue of Limitation for a Foia Request

    You really need to consult a local attorney. Generally FOIA doesn't apply to police reports. There are other avenues to pursue this but you need the advice of local counsel to accomplish it.
  14. Civil Rights Issues: Re: Hippa and Unauthorized Copy of Drivers Licence

    And BTW, it's HIPAA, not HIPPA
  15. Background Checks: Re: Medical Cannabis Card Affects Security Clearance

    Doing a hair follicle test is very expensive and other than government employment, I doubt many private companies are willing to pay that kind of money. Also, the way you posted, isn't clear. When...
  16. Lights, Signs and Traffic Controls: Re: Red Light Camera Ticket - No Expert Witness

    There are attorneys who specialize in traffic matters. Contact one of them. Depending upon the jurisdiction, they may be able to get the ticket dismissed.
  17. Thread: Fake Fbi

    by LegalWriter

    Re: Fake Fbi

    The FBI doesn't email suspects. Stop responding and file a report with the FBI.
  18. Other Offenses: Re: 13 Yo Case and I Receive Letter Fm States Atty

    The smart thing to do is hire an attorney local to that court and have them look into it for you.
  19. Re: 2 Years Since I Met My 5 Y/O Daughter, Now Mom and Step-Dad Want Me to Go Away

    Until a court declares you the legal father, you have no legal rights at all to assert.
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    Re: Out of State DUI Conviction in Il

    You need to check with IL about being drive there. With your privilege restored in your home state, you can drive in other states except IL if you privilege is still revoked there.
  21. Re: Obtaining Records of Criminal Case in Virginia

    When I wrote court's custody, it didn't mean it was kept at the courthouse although some smaller counties do keep the evidence in their own storage area. Just like when you execute a search warrant,...
  22. Re: Obtaining Records of Criminal Case in Virginia

    In CA, evidence is preserved and remains in the court's custody on all death cases, life cases and years to life cases. It's SOP for defense counsel to file an order with the court for the evidence...
  23. Re: Obtaining Records of Criminal Case in Virginia

    Not in all cases, not with all evidence and not without notice to counsel. The fact remains that the evidence is in the court's custody, even in VA. With a life case, the evidence produced and...
  24. Re: Obtaining Records of Criminal Case in Virginia

    Just to clarify/correct one point of flyingron's post. If the evidence was admitted at trial, it IS in the possession of the court. It's a part of the trial record. If something is just marked for...
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    Modification of Support: Re: Changing Agreed Amount to Judicial Order

    If he won't agree to a different amount, then you will need to go back to court. You can try to do it yourself or you can hire a lawyer. That's your prerogative. If he's got money chances are...
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