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    Computer Crime: Re: Using Pirated Software

    I think you will be okay. Most cops are not interested in that kind of stuff unless they receive a complaint to investigate from the Software Company. If that was to happen the Feds would most...
  2. Re: My Father and an 18 Year Old DWI Charge

    If this is an 18 year old DUI charge (MISD) then most of these events can not be entered ino the court record after 10 years. Why was he charged at the Felony Level??? Did he hit someone with a...
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    Re: DUI in California

    I agree with nowitall...

    After she got her DUI, the Officer gave her a copy of an Admin Per Se. That will serve as her DL until she has an Admin Per Se Hearing with DMV or goes to court on the...
  4. Re: DUI in CA, Lots of Questions

    If I were you, I'd look into getting a Public Defender Atty. It is a rahter straight forward process, since you have some "mitigating issues", you need to speak with an atty before you waive any of...
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    Re: Public Defender and Identification

    Our office has been issued Official Badges & ID's along with business Cards to present to the witnesses prior to the interview. My experience as a former detective and now a PudDef Investigator is...
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    Court-Appointed Lawyers: Re: Getting A New Public Defender

    Each Public Defender has a Supervor. Call the PubDef's Office and ask to speak to the attys supervisor. Be prepared before you call with articulable facts as to why you no longer want this atty...
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    Court-Appointed Lawyers: Re: Qualifying for Public Defender

    Each court has a finaincial services section that is responsible for screening "clients" before a Pub Def is assigned.
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