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  1. Marriage: Re: I Want to Marry My Brazilian Boyfriend

    why do you want to live in Brazil? it's usually the other way around. Someone wants to live in the good old US of A and not Brazil!
  2. H Visas: Re: What is the Best Way of Obtaining Residency for Your Girlfriend

    be very careful bringing someone here from China. You might be in-debt to the whole family for the rest of your life.:suspicion:
  3. Suspension and Revocation: Re: Can You Get a Driver's License in Another State After a DUI Suspension

    apply to Colorado and establish residence and they will treat your offenses as if they occured in CO. they will treat you pretty good and always be nice!! ;-)
  4. Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Pulled Over for Unsafe Passing With No Other Vehicles on the Road

    if you have a very good lawyer, you can beat this. Go to court and have him argue every last detail. Every element has to be proven before they can find you guilty! Good luck!
  5. Suspension and Revocation: Re: Is the Interstate Driver's License Compact Constitutional

    Look up what "license" means. Then proceed.;)
  6. Driver's License Applications: Re: Getting a License After a DUI Suspension in Another State

    Show them proof you paid everything and all is good. Do not take "NO" for an answer.
  7. Suspension and Revocation: Re: Suspesnion of a Driver's License for Failing to Take DUI Traffic Classes

    request a hearing with the judge explain your situation to him. if he's a decent judge he might say, "have a nice day!" and send you home.
  8. Suspension and Revocation: Re: Live in Arizona but Have an Arizona License and a New York License

    you wanna rent a car? then use the license you have. its valid. you are a visitor. that's it. good luck.
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    Suspension and Revocation: Re: DUI License Suspension in New Jersey

    there is current legislation about a "restricted use" license in NJ. look it up on nj legislature website. then call and write your rep/committee and explain why a work license is needed!!
  10. Unlicensed Driving: Re: Stopped for Speeding, Caught Driving With an Expired License

    tell the court you have no money to pay for the fines. see what they say. what can they do to you if you dont have any money? NOTHING!
  11. Marriage: Re: Which is the Fastest Way to Bring My Fiance to the USA

    there is no fast way. They gonna ask you AND her all kinds of questions before she gets a "magic card". just sayin.
  12. Relatives: Re: Can a Father Be Legal with Social Security Number but No Green Card

    more than likely its fake card/ssn.
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    Restricted Licenses: Re: Driving After a Concussion and Seizure

    if you're so worried about all these issues, just don't drive! simple.
  14. Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Should I Plead to Reckless Driving or Go to Trial on a DUI Charge

    if you got money to pay a good lawyer, roll the dice!
  15. Restricted Licenses: Re: Driving to Another State on a Restricted License

    tell your son to drive the car or whatever he drives. Its a conditional license to get to and from work even though he works in NJ. If cops pull him over in nj just tell your son to say " I'm driving...
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    Suspension and Revocation: Re: Is My License Suspended in Cali

    3 beers over 2 hours and you blew a .08%? that's nuts! and you weigh 180lb? there are many places to get an idea of what your reading would be at your weight, how many drinks you had & how much time...
  17. Unlicensed Driving: Re: Ticketed for Unlicensed Driving in New Jersey

    plead not guilty and ask for discovery. they will need to get all the paperwork the cop has from that night. any notes he made, etc. then you can decide what to do. delay it as long as possible.
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Arrested on Suspicion of DUI of Drugs

    sobriety tests mean nothing. if she has a physical disability her lawyer can include that and use to her advantage. did she get a driving while under the influence of drugs summons? did she take a...
  19. Suspension and Revocation: Re: Is My Licence Suspended in Texas or New Jersey

    as you know now lawyers take the money and then forget about you sometimes. that's why they want the money upfront. he gave you bad advice and you gave him $4500. you should have filed a motion or...
  20. Suspension and Revocation: Re: How to Reduce a Long Driver's License Suspension

    who died and left YOU boss?
  21. Suspension and Revocation: Re: How to Reduce a Long Driver's License Suspension

    my lawyer knows everything he needs to know to help me out. "we" cant help? u mean "I" cant help. correct yourself.
  22. Suspension and Revocation: Re: How to Reduce a Long Driver's License Suspension

    as mentioned above i do have one but just kind of checking out from anyone who might know the right route to take in trying to get suspension reduced. btw its the 3rd refusal. i dont want to put a...
  23. Suspension and Revocation: Re: How to Reduce a Long Driver's License Suspension

    judge scheduled a new trial so will let you know how that goes. will have to wait a while to find out. maybe some plea bargaining?
  24. Suspension and Revocation: Re: How to Reduce a Long Driver's License Suspension

    what is a provisional license? also, had many other cases in the 80's n 90's that why the susp is for 20. pm me if u need add info. i need to somehow get a reduction. do i petition the judge or get...
  25. Suspension and Revocation: How to Reduce a Long Driver's License Suspension

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: NJ

    Is there a possibility i can somehow get a reduction on my 20 year suspension for 2 Refusal of the breathalyzer pleas?i don't...
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