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    Contractors and Subcontractors: Re: Tree Removal Service Removed Wrong Tree

    Congratulations and thanks for the updates.
  2. Unlawful Eviction: Re: Daughter Kicked Out of House by Other Occupants. Her Property Was Destroyed/Stole

    I’m sorry that your post fell through the cracks, but this site in general has had some issues lately causing a reduction in traffic and a tendency for regular contributors to be less active. Your...
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    Speeding Tickets: Re: Chance of Winning an Appeal

    Itís unfortunate that you subpoenaed the officer, because most successful defenses involve preliminary suppression or exclusion of evidence rather than trying to challenge an officerís testimony. ...
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    Re: Expert Law Taken Off at the Knees

    I suspect your post has a hidden motive. Without regard to my English usage or whether you agree with me, did you at least understand what I was trying to say? (Based on your response I believe you...
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    Re: Expert Law Taken Off at the Knees

    One thing Iíd like to point out is that we have about 60 primary forum categories of which roughly 75% do not address a subject involving prosecution as a major factor.

    I will agree however,...
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    Ending a Contract: Re: Live in Caregiver Fired, but Won't Leave

    Here are a few additional questions:

    How long has she been there?
    Is there a written rental agreement separate from any other written contract?
    Have you tried asking the local police...
  7. Establishing an Order: Re: Mother Took Child Over 10 Years Ago Now Wants Support

    Your statements are prematurely prejudicial. A judge or jury hears ALL admissible facts from various sources, and only then makes a decision “with prejudice”. Most people without judicial...
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    Ownership Rights: Re: Dad with Dementia Estate Issues

    This is not an area that I know much about, but my first thought is that you might need the services of a private asset search investigator.
  9. Speeding Tickets: Re: Submitted Discovery Request but Prosecutor's Office Says They Won't Provide (Wa)

    To properly deal with any traffic infraction in Washington State, one must consider the state’s rules for traffic infractions (IRLJ), and your question is specifically addressed and answered by IRLJ...
  10. Thread: Lease

    by searcher99

    Re: Lease

    I agree with Zigner above. The problem with landlords is that itís not exactly a level playing field, and as a practical matter it often works better not to challenge them until AFTER you are safely...
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Gate on Easement

    For more information about being sued, read the following:

    Minnesota Judicial Branch - Civil Actions

    What to Do If You Are Sued | LawHelp Minnesota
  12. Grounds for Eviction: Re: Can a Landlord Ban Alcohol, and then Evict You He Discovered You Were Drinking

    If the tenancy contract is ďat willĒ and month to month, or whenever the contract ends, the landlord does not need any reason at all to terminate the tenancy by serving a 30 day notice pursuant to...
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    Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Rcw 46.61.140 - Illegal Lane Changing

    By speculating on a defense without first reviewing the discovery materials you are getting ahead of yourself, and also be careful not to shoot yourself in the foot by serving/filing the discovery...
  14. Re: Ohio Can CPS Tell Family Members Caring for Child I Failed a Drug Test

    The following section from the Ohio Administrative Code might apply:

    5101:9-22-15 Release of personal information held by the Ohio department of job and family services (ODJFS)
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    Re: How Likely They Were Still Off

    No, it doesn’t. It appears your question involves an irrational fear of a traffic ticket—just one fear among others you’ve expressed in previous threads. You are asking for speculation regarding an...
  16. Asset Protection: Re: Bank Insolence - How to Get the Checking Account of a Deceased Spouse

    He should read Iowa Code 633.356 Distribution of property by affidavit.

    A free Iowa Affidavit of Heirship form is available on the non-profit site
  17. Asset Protection: Re: Bank Insolence - How to Get the Checking Account of a Deceased Spouse

    Based on online information from the Nebraska Supreme Court, it looks like your father can bypass probate by submitting to the bank an Affidavit for Transfer of Personal Property without Probate. He...
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    Re: .and then She Burned It Down

    I’m sure you’ll get a few comments about your situation, but just for starters, who informed you that she doesn’t have insurance?

    Also for starters I would consult with a few attorneys...
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    Harassment: Re: Accused of Racial Harassment

    Regarding the noise I would suggest a couple things you might try in the mean time:

    Try to find online any noise ordinances for the city you live in and search for language that addresses...
  20. Speeding Tickets: Re: NYC Speeding Ticket and No Seat Belt Tickets. Both Lack Drivers License

    You don’t actually have to go to the DMV, it’s a lot easier to follow their online instructions: How to change your address.
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    Parking Tickets: Re: There Was No Sign Anywhere

    As mentioned above, itís important in this situation for you to provide details about which municipality issued the ticket and what violation code was on the ticket. Perhaps the code (if available...
  22. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Dispute Over Commissions - Illegal Business Says He Doesn't Have to Pay

    I also agree with llworking, budwad and Shadowbunny. To me this is a civil matter. The OP invested time and effort based on an established history of getting paid 25%. Apparently he/she did too...
  23. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Dispute Over Commissions - Illegal Business Says He Doesn't Have to Pay

    So are you also going to tell the IRS that they have no right to collect taxes on the 30k?
  24. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Dispute Over Commissions - Illegal Business Says He Doesn't Have to Pay

    If he profited by 30k then your 25% finder’s fee should be $7500. The $6500 balance should be ok for small claims court. Although his business might be illegal, the verbal contract he made with you...
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    Roommates: Re: Harassment About Shared Places

    In buildings with shared amenities, whether large or small, monopolization of those places by certain people is a very common problem. It involves one or two people claiming an area for which they...
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