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  1. Thread: How Valid

    by PTPD22

    Re: How Valid


    The issue you seem to be missing (or willfully ignoring) in your exchange with Carl is that there is a difference between what is allowed and/or prohibited by statutory law and/or...
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Exicigent Circumstances

    You were detained at the moment that you yielded to the pretty flashing lights in your rear view mirror. Are you saying that within 10 minutes of being pulled over, your blood was drawn? I know...
  3. Re: Court Abused Its Discretion, Resulting in Torture

    Ok. I get that this is deliberate trolling. But, I’m gonna reply as if it was serious (kinda) just for the LOL.

    I suggest that you might want to crack a history book and at least try to gain...
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    Careless Driving: Re: Should I Fight This Case

    That makes it sound like simply taking that vehicle onto the public roadways, regardless of other driving behavior, was careless! However, I still have to call BS on the "30 to 40 mph." Unless you...
  5. Other Violations: Re: Ticket for Impeading Traffic Given Without Law Enforcement Seeing Alleged Violati

    Ummm....Actually, it is not an "inane" question at all. In California, LEO can only arrest for a misdemeanor or infraction that occurred "in the officer's presence." There are some statutory...
  6. Speeding Tickets: Re: 21 in 20 School Zone

    True. But, I wasn't responding to a post referencing "imposing a driver." So, there is that.
  7. Speeding Tickets: Re: 21 in 20 School Zone

    "Imposing a police officer"? Well, I suppose that making a traffic stop could be called an imposition on the cop...but, that's kinda part of the job description. Did you mean impersonating a police...
  8. Re: You Don't Need a Drivers License to Travel on Publjc Roadway

    "Operating a motor vehicle on the public roadways" and "traveling" are not synonymous. You can "travel" by walking, hired transportation, skateboard, or paddling a canoe. Requiring a license to...
  9. Speeding Tickets: Re: Out of Jurisdiction Police Vehicle

    That's quite an assumption on your part without any stated evidence. Sure, it is possible that the cop was just late for dinner, it is at least equally likely that his/her actions were proper. It...
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    Home Invasion: Re: Is It Illegal to "Case" a House

    Simply observing activities is not a crime. Doing so to facilitate a criminal act COULD be a crime, depending on the specific actions, intended crime, and statutory wording. However, proving that...
  11. Embezzlement: Re: Fraud/Theft

    There is nothing “technically” about your theft being illegal and nothing about the “transaction” is even remotely “legitimate,” regardless of what paperwork you fabricated. You are a common thief –...
  12. Re: This is Why More Police Department Transparency is Needed

    I would also guess that very, very few incidents of malpractice are so outrageous that they warrant revoking a medical license and ending a career. The patients who suffered and their loved ones...
  13. Re: This is Why More Police Department Transparency is Needed

    Two words: Darrin Wilson. Don't think any investigation could be more publicly scrutinized than that one. How did that “transparency” of the “process and the evidence against the officer” – that...
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    Re: Stopped for Failure to Use a Seat Belt

    Way back when I was a rookie, my training officer gave me some advice. He told me that traffic violators deserve either the ticket or the lecture, but not both. The difference is that the violator...
  15. Speeding Tickets: Re: Disputing a Speeding Ticket Based Upon a Tracking App

    So, you already confessed to speeding…You just want to argue how flagrantly you were violating the speed law? BTW, cruise controls have a margin of error of a few mph – if it is an older model it...
  16. Reckless Driving: Re: Charged With Speed Contest for Peeling Out of My Workplace Plaza, 23109(C) CVC

    Unless you have prior criminal offenses, I doubt that jail time is likely. However, it will likely be expensive. Not to mention your insurance costs are going to get a hard hit. I believe that a...
  17. Other Violations: Re: Can a Leo Write a Ticket Based Solely on Video Evidence

    The answer to your question would seem pretty obvious. You say that you are “hearing” of incidents where citations are being handed out. You may “doubt the legitimacy” of what you have heard, but I...
  18. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Accused of Stealing an Item I Took Into a Store

    I agree with Taxing that you really need to consult with an attorney in Canada. At this point, your claim that you brought the item into the store and did not steal it isn’t going to be believed by...
  19. Speeding Tickets: Re: 45 Miles Over Speed Limit “infraction 22348”

    Since you ask about the "worst" thing...don't forget the part about an insurance rate hike. If you are under 25, that can be substantial. If you are offered traffic school, that will cost you more...
  20. Determination of Fault: Re: Can You Be Held Responsible for Disregarding a Stop Sign You Didn't See

    Like Jack, I am really confused about the circumstances you are trying to describe. I cannot envision why a stop sign would be posted for a parking space or how it would be relevant to a collision...
  21. Arrest Procedure: Re: Do The Poice Have to Arrest a Spouse Accuused of Domestic Violence

    Most states (perhaps all?) have domestic violence laws that take away much of the discretion that law enforcement officers have in other types of crimes regarding whether or not to effect an arrest. ...
  22. Fraud: Re: Nigerian Check Cashing Scam

    Having investigated probably two dozen or so similar cases, I question how many people have actually “fallen” for these scams. When I interview suspects who have tried to cash these checks, I try to...
  23. Arrest Warrants: Re: Offender-Did-Not-Stick-To-Restraing-Order-And-Did-Not-Appear-In-Court-And-Now-Has

    He-may-get-arrested-and-go-to-jail…What’s with the hyphens?
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    Pretrial Procedure: Re: My Schizophrenia Problem

    Mental health issues are generally not a defense to criminal acts unless it was so severe that you did not know right from wrong. This is especially true if the mental health issue is previously...
  25. False ID: Re: Getting Caught Using Some One Else’s Id

    There are multiple charges possible in Washington revolving around the use of another’s ID. These range from misdemeanors that typically result in a fine to felonies that can result in prison time. ...
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