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  1. Re: Fyi: Google Flagging This Site As 'Containing Malicious Software'

    Oh no, he hasn't been lurking all that time. He's been banned multiple times but just keeps coming back.
  2. Re: Fyi: Google Flagging This Site As 'Containing Malicious Software'

    It's been going on for a while now. The site owner/admin has been notified.
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    Re: Pa - 3 Voters Want to Petition a Recount

    If the Reps didn't jump to get you together with an attorney to further their ends, it might be a comment on your evidence.

    Have you contacted the party itself, i.e. the local Democrat or...
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    Re: Pa - 3 Voters Want to Petition a Recount

    Provide your evidence to whichever party it supports. They will gladly take it from there.
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    Re: What Needs to Be Proven in Small Claims Court

    I'm curious how each person got the property they had. Did you specifically split it as you describe? Did you say "Mom, take care of my stuff" and she split it up?
  6. Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: How Can I Get a Copy of Gal Report from Our Grandchild Case

    It's possible the attorney lied to cover their own poor performance.

    It's possible they misunderstood what the attorney said.

    It's possible you said something you thought was innocuous but was...
  7. Quiet Enjoyment: Re: Can I Enter Tenants Premesis when Tenant is Not There

    What does your lease say regarding entry into the home?

    See TN Code 66-28-403 for further information.
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    Consumer Law Issues: Re: Golf Club Membership

    What do the bylaws say about raising dues?

    Do you not intend to play at all during your 90 day notice period?
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Health Insurance Company Lawyer

    Why are they claiming you owe them the money?

    Is it for treatment related to the accident?

    Did you have your own auto insurance or file a claim against the other party's insurance to cover...
  10. Re: What Are My Chances of Winning a Lawsuit in This Case

    Narrator: The answer was "yes"
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    Child Care: Re: Limiting Child's Abilities

    Not to mention folks that live in places like NYC. I know people from just about every age range up that live there that have never had a license because it isn't really necessary.
  12. Re: Non Custodial Took My Son to Get Driver's Permit Without My Permission nor Knowle

    That would make Formula 1 more exciting, all communications with the driver have to be done by text.
  13. Re: Trick to Get Free Repair Work Done on House, Could This Work

    This is not the "how to commit a crime" forum.
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    Re: Covid, Masks, Stores

    The maskless man is on private property so if told to leave, he needs to do so.

    Most stores offer alternatives for those who may not be able to wear a mask for some reason. Something to note is...
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    Re: Reporting Child Pornography

    What state/country?

    Generally, you will only face the possibility of getting in trouble if their investigation shows that you were more than an accidental visitor. Clicking a risky link and...
  16. Re: Local Impound Yard Won't Release My Vehicle Without a Current Inspection Sticker

    Have you offered to bring a tow truck to haul it to the shop to be repaired and then inspected?

    I'm not seeing anything directly on point with regards to impounded vehicles and release beyond the...
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: First Time Dui, Query About the Outcome

    Ugh. Absolutely nothing. Not sure where I got OH from. Brain fart. It happens to us old people.
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: First Time Dui, Query About the Outcome

    Based on what you posted, it appears you were found guilty or perhaps plead nolo contendre (whatever Ohio's equivalent is) but that if you complete traffic school within 2 months the case will be...
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    Re: Repossession Laws on Title Pawn

    There is no law that I can find that makes it illegal.

    That being said, the pawn broker can make it a part of your title pawn contract not to take it out of the state and if you signed it; you...
  20. Re: Sales Tax in Ct Collected by a Pymt Processor

    If you do not have a line for "Sales tax" on your purchase receipt with a value on it and you are not buying it to then sell it, you have to pay use tax.
  21. Passing a School Bus: Re: What Do You Do if You Are Charged of Passing a School Bus, but Didn't Do It

    What state did this occur in?

    A bench trial would be a trial with only a judge, not a jury.

    You will need to bring your witness to trial to testify on your behalf.
  22. Defamation: Re: Surgeon is Acting Unstable and Suicidal -- Report

    This is a pre-spammer. Just copying part of a previous post. Been reported several times.
  23. Unlicensed Driving: Re: Got a Misdemeanor on My First Ticket -- What to Do

    The court may still allow the 12500A to be correctable. I can't make any 100% guarantees but you may get a notice of correction for the citation in the mail dropping it from a misdemeanor to an...
  24. Unlicensed Driving: Re: Got a Misdemeanor on My First Ticket -- What to Do

    What are the exact code sections you were cited for?

    I'm betting the out of state license issue can be prosecuted as either an infraction or misdemeanor, depending on the code section, and would...
  25. Re: Please help! Should i do what my probation officer advised?

    Did you take this something while you were already on probation? If so, the probation officer can violate you.

    Could the store report the theft? Sure. Will they? Probably not as long as it...
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