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  1. Thread: Lost Bonus

    by melts05

    Job Benefits: Lost Bonus

    In my job I get a handsome bonus periodically. Few months ago my Supervisor filled an incorrect performance rating that he corrected as soon I demonstrated to him it was his mistake. While he...
  2. Discrimination: Re: Advice - Disability - Orientation - Mocking

    Could you please tell me how does the timing (of when I told) impact any of this?? But to answer your question, I told this at the beginning of this specific job on which I was discriminated because...
  3. Discrimination: Advice - Disability - Orientation - Mocking

    I am hetrosexual male with a disabling condition and live alone. I have difficulty speaking and I am intensely sensitive to taunts, I do not have a family and never been married. Few years ago my...
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