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    Forgery: Cashing Stolen Checks

    In a bout of desperation & lack of better judgement, I cashed 2 stolen checks from my employer over the summer. The police came to my house, questioned me, and told me they would be in touch... that...
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    Arrest Procedure: Re: Could I be getting arrested???

    the warrent(s) are for a probation violation for a DUI I got back in '01

    so, do I HAVE to talk to the cop? he's already been to my house once... so he could very well just come by, right? (thats...
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    Arrest Procedure: Could I Be Getting Arrested?

    There were some issues going on at my place of employment with some forged, stolen checks with MY name on them- the police had came to my house & spoke with me about it once, which I denied any wrong...
  4. Extradition: Re: Out of State Warrant - Will They Extradite?

    I'm not interested in running around looking over my shoulder forever, so I def. plan on surrendering myself once I get an atty., and get everything hammered out. I'm just worried that they're going...
  5. Extradition: Out of State Warrant - Will They Extradite?

    I have 2 (alleged) felony warrants in Oregon for a probation violation on a DUI-
    I live in Maryland now, and the state of Oregon has all my information (home & work addresses, ect.) because I pay...
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