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  1. Divorce: If You Get Divorced, Can You Make Your Spouse Move Out

    My question involves a marriage in the state of:hawaii. If a couple rent an apartment and one of them files for divorce, can the one filing force the other one to move out?
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    Federal Taxes: Is Money from a Pawned Item Taxable

    If I obtained something for
    Less than it is worth, and then years later pawned it for more, would I owe tax on the difference? Example: I get a gift worth $2000, so it cost me nothing. Years...
  3. Banking: Can Check Made Payable to Two People Be Cashed by Only One of Them

    My question involves personal finance in the State of: Hawaii

    If a check is made payable to two people (husband & wife for example), do both of them need to endorse it in order to cash it, or can...
  4. Federal Taxes: Are You Charged Income Tax on an Insurance Settlement

    If someone collects an insurance settlement for pain & suffering caused by an accident, do they have to pay income tax or any kind of tax on the money received in the settlement? This is in Hawaii. ...
  5. Traffic Accidents: Pedestrian Hit by Auto-is Victim Required to Repay Their Medical Insurer

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Hawaii

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Hawaii
    My question is about an accident where a pedestrian (my wife) was hit...
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