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  1. Asset Protection: Re: Protectinc Property from Partner's Next of Kin

    You register the deed as joint tenants with right of survivorship If one tenant dies the property goes to the other tenant(s).
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    Nuisance: Re: Snow Dumping by Neighbor

    It wasn't your neighbor that created the problem for you. It was the town snow plow. You can't sue the town for plowing the streets as they see fit.

    If you live in snow country you come to...
  3. Re: Demands for Unpaid Withholding Taxes Dating Back More Than 10 Years

    Have you contacted the CPA who prepared the returns?
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    Re: Getting Access to My Property

    Property that cannot be accessed is not in the public interest. You must find out why access was cut off the main road when the bridge was rebuilt.

    I have no doubt that access can be restored ...
  5. Re: So I Started Working for a Holding Sign Company As an Independent Contractor

    At the end of the year the company will send you and the IRS a 1099 form that will state the exact amount they paid you in the prior tax year. You will have to file a schedule C profit and loss form...
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    Re: Utility Easement

    In easement law the servient estate is the estate on which the easement is (the land upon which the easement is). The easement creates a servitude upon the land. The dominant estate is the estate...
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    Re: Utility Easement

    If you have a recorded plat of the subdivision that depicts the easement and names a power and telephone company (even if they no longer are in business) then you have a utility easement. The fact...
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    Re: Utility Easement

    If you have an easement for ingress and egress to your property, it is not considered landlocked.

    The language of the grant doesn't have to specifically state that it is also for utilities. Some...
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    Title Ownership: Re: Selling a Motorcylce with a Notorized Title

    Having the seller sign the title does not give you ownership of the bike. You must first have the title transferred to you by PA DMV. You must pay the sales tax and transfer tax. Once you have the...
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    Private Sales: Re: Puppy Mill - Sick Puppy

    What would you have done upon finding out the puppy had Parvo if this was your daughter's puppy? Would you put the puppy down (cost more than $250) or just take it home and let it suffer until it...
  11. Homeowners Associations: Re: City Requires Me to Remove Tree and Fix Pavers (Tree is Hoa's Territory)

    If you have a copy of your lot survey I would look to see if there is an easement on your property for the purposes of shade trees and sidewalks and perhaps utilities if Hausmann Street is a public...
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    Re: Mortgage W an Escrow for Property Tax

    When you make mortgage payments that also include property taxes, part of your payment goes to the mortgage and part goes into escrow to pay the property taxes. Paying off the mortgage likely didn't...
  13. Thread: Property Access

    by budwad

    Re: Property Access

    If no easement was granted across the second property at the time the properties were subdivided, then yes they can deny you access and that would make the property you leased landlocked. So if the...
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Health Insurance Company Lawyer

    Anthem should have Subrogated and gone after either one or both of the insurance companies, not you. And I'm not sure but it may be too late for Anthem to sue you for the money.

    Indiana has some...
  15. Fences and Walls: Re: Does a Survey Trump Adverse Possession with Land Around Shared Fence

    I would have included boundary by acquiescence if this OP was not in CA. In 2012, CA court of appeals decided a case that effectively struck down the doctrine unless there was an agreement between...
  16. Fences and Walls: Re: Does a Survey Trump Adverse Possession with Land Around Shared Fence

    Adverse possession is only one of the doctrines that could be claimed. However, unless the neighbor has used the property adversely to the owner and can show that they paid taxes on the land (in...
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Security Cameras on Private Property

    That is too broad of a definition. One can be on their own property but cannot record through a window what happens in the neighbor's house . Where there is an expectation of privacy, you can't...
  18. Regulations and Procedures: Re: Borough Mayor Owns/Operates Several Borough Businesses

    Then if the mayor has veto power in your form of municipal government, the council must also have the power to override the veto. Why didn't they?
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Use of Easement by Renter

    The easement language is vague. It does not state the purpose of the easement other than the use of it for public utilities. The use may be obvious (ingress and egress) but it is not stated. All...
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    Fences and Walls: Re: Neighbor Wants to Build a Boundary Fence

    I suggest that you check with any local jurisdiction (township, municipality, or county) about any zoning laws about fence placement. Many zoning law don't allow a fence to be built on the property...
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    Estate Assets and Debts: Re: A Question About Bank Accounts

    If the account is a retirement account and you designate a beneficiary (POD), that beneficiary will have to withdraw a certain amount each year (according to their age) and pay income tax on it.
  22. Re: Can Temporary Wooden Stakes or Lath with Ribbon Be Removed from the Property Line

    That is not what I am saying. I was responding to Zigner where it was said that the stakes were on OP's property. If the stakes were on OP's property it wouldn't be the boundary line would it?

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    Maintenance and Repair: Re: Who is Responsible for Easement Maintenance

    Easements get created in various way. They can be by an express grant from a grantor to a grantee, they can be created by a court order or by prescription, they can be created by a recorded plat...
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    Fences and Walls: Re: Growing Plants Close to Neighbors Fence

    Well being the nice neighbor doesn't seemed to have worked very well. Take control of your property or lose control of it. You think about that every time you pay your mortgage or taxes .
  25. Re: Can Temporary Wooden Stakes or Lath with Ribbon Be Removed from the Property Line

    We are speaking of the removal of surveyor stakes aren't we in the contest of the statute? Why do you think that it is vandalism? If a neighbor destroyers survey stakes how is that not covered by...
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