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    Consumer Law Issues: How to Start Class Action Law Suit

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Michigan

    I have a Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor LT1046. I have had nothing but problems with it since it was purchased. I have contacted the...
  2. Jail: Re: Parole Board Has Requested a Letter from the D.A., in New York

    Parole Boards can use any information for there decission. Victims can make written or verbal statements to the board. Corrections Staff can give a report to the board on the persons conduct since...
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    Prison: Re: Prisoner's Rights

    Ok federal prison, there is no consentual sex in prison. Nope an inmate can not give consent for sex. It is considered rape. So that is out of the question. I do not know of any states that allow...
  4. Jail: Re: Sex Offender's Contact With Minors While in Jail

    Can you define who the minor's are? Friends, family, childern of the offender? Is there a no contact order in place against this person? Who is taking the kids to see him?

    Most jails, prisons...
  5. Search and Seizure: Re: Vehicle Seized - What Happens to its Contents

    Usually yes the contents of the vehicle are siezed. How ever your attorney can file a motion to have personal property unrelated to charges be released.
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    Student Privacy: Re: No Doors on Bathroom Stalls in School

    This is something you should bring up with the school board. As being a public bathroom. In my opinion it is violating privacy.
  7. Civil Rights Restoration: Re: Why Am I Being Denied a Conceal Carry Permit in Georgia

    It is not a civil rights issue. Because you are able to bare arms. How ever I would get an attorney to go to court on this. Being he can show the fact that you already have a Concealed weapons permit...
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    Re: Police Harassment Recourse

    Contact the commander of the local Police Department.
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    Drug Possession: Re: Minor, First Offense, Clean Record

    Well what I put in bold should be the reason why he is charged now. For one it is not up to the officer who gets charged. It is up to the prosecutor. Also if the other kid did not claim possession of...
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    Jail: Re: Permission to Parole to Another State

    You take no steps. Your brother has to do all this. Now what is usually easier to do is get Parolled and then see if his parole officer will transfer him to Illinios. How ever Illinios will have to...
  11. Privacy: Re: Arrest Threatened in Michigan for Reluctance to Release Patient Information

    Another thing that the police could have done. Is if there was a 911 call to a residence on the lake. They could have used the dispatch log to obtain the information they were wanting. To do the...
  12. Prison: Re: Solitary Confinement Right Before Release

    They will not tell you anything because you are not privelaged to that information. All they will tell you is that he is at the institution and that is about it. If you do get a hold of his counselor...
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    Privacy: Re: Student Schedule

    Depends, what your asking is more of an ethical question then a law question.

    You need to read your contract of employment if you have one. If you are union you need to read your master...
  14. Prison: Re: Solitary Confinement Right Before Release

    Yes it is legal. Yes they can keep him past the date he is suppose to be released to go to the halfway house. He is now under investigation for what ever reason. The only thing they can not do is...
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    Fraud: Re: Somebody Cashed My Check

    The court can find out who cashed it and where it was cashed at.
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    Discharge From Service: Re: Wrongfully Discharged Sailor

    Get a lawyer, file for due process violation. Unless you are leaving stuff out. Your time line is way off for when you were charged then heard at an NJP. You should have been able to talk to a JAG...
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    Jail: Re: Infected with Mrsa in Jail

    Ok coming from someone that works in a Prison. The Original Poster would have to prove that the infection he has came from the jail/prison he was at.

    Unless he does that he would not have a case...
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    Emancipation: Re: Emancipation

    One you will not be emancipated for what you want.

    You need to talk to your father about this. Being he would have to petition the court to gain custody of you.

    Other then that you will have...
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    Divorce: Re: Backdating a Divorce in California

    My lawyer did it. Declaring the date I left to go on a preplanned hunting trip. How ever my ex did not contest to the date. As that was the date she moved out of the house.

    I would consult an...
  20. Student Speech Rights: Re: Is Posting Ads on Cars in a School's Parking Lot Legal

    20ft by 30ft that is a billboard not a poster. I think you mean 20inches by 30 inches.

    But I go with Mrs.LawResearchermissy on this. I would look into the student guide. Or ask the school for the...
  21. Jail: Re: Penalty for Not Paying Restitution While on Probation

    Failure to pay restitution can end you up in jail or prison. He violated one of the terms of his probation. Failure to pay, which I would not be surprized if a warrant was issued for this. His PO...
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    Military Justice: Re: Civilian Charge vs Military Law

    What kind of lawyer are you using. That is my first question.
  23. Re: Can My Bfs Ex Wife Get a Restraining Order Against Me Without Threat

    When venting do it privately. Once you publicly post your statements it is freegame.

    As divemedic has stated it depends on what was said.

    Also remember your just the girlfriend of the father....
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    Re: Child Support for Newborn

    Although to add to 525601, she can request through court. If he does receive visitation rights. That he attends parenting classes. Although the court may decide that both parents attend parenting...
  25. Re: Grandparents Helping 17yr Old Twins Leave Parents

    Do they have a good relationship with the grandparents? Are the grandparents able to handle to teenage girls? Are the girls well behaved? What was the reason for moving from Michigan to Florida?
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