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    Re: Talking to a Minor Online

    I predict he'll be back here soon with a tale of how he exchanged nudes with the child and now her parents are threatening to go to the police unless he pays up.
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    Other Injuries: Re: Injury to Foot During Pedicure

    [QUOTE ...I guess normally they change the foot water during the foot cleaning they didn't and used the same water the whole time.

    I've gotten many, many, many pedicures. And never do...
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    Re: .and then She Burned It Down

    You can look into your state's victim compensation program and see if there is any assistance for you (I believe you were given those links on another legal forum you posted to). You can also sue her...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Therapist Malpractice

    I put Harold on Ignore, as his drivel was just too much to suffer through. And while I appreciate TM's attempts to educate Hal, I'm afraid it's just pearls before swine. Unfortunately, if those who...
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    Arrest Procedure: Re: Arrested for Mexican Candy

    Is it your son/his gf who is telling you it was Mexican candy? If not, why do you believe it was candy, not THC edibles?
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    Co-Ownership: Re: Crazy Facts - Tenants in Common Issue

    I think you need to go the state statute for answers:

    Looks like with a "tenancy in common" that upon death of one of...
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    Re: Dating Apps and Sexual Charges

    Seaotters14,do yourself a favor and stop sending unsolicited junk pics to, well, anyone. It's not appreciated.
  8. Re: Landlord/House Share Drama - How to Handle an Unstable Landlord Sharing the House

    I get that you're frustrated, but yours isn't a legal question. It doesn't appear that he's doing anything illegal. Annoying, yes. Illegal, no. However, you appear to be waiting for him to "put...
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    Re: Attempting to Get My Property

    So with all that is going on in the world right now, you want to waste a police officer's time to do a standby for a few petty items? Isn't your time best finding a new job?
  10. Denial & Appeals: Re: What Can Be Considered Fraud and What Proof is Needed

    If it takes 30 minutes of typing to explain your issue, the problem is too complicated for an online forum.
  11. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Dispute Over Commissions - Illegal Business Says He Doesn't Have to Pay

    As the SC limit in Oregon is $10,000, you'd have to sue him in circuit court. I'm going to assume you don't have a written contract with him -- that may make it harder to prove your case. You can...
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    Roommates: Re: Harassment About Shared Places

    Your option is to find a new place to live.
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    Harassment: Re: Ex-Wife/Boss: Tolerate/Stay or Go

    OP, it appears that what you REALLY want is for someone to agree with you, regardless of how wrong you are.

    So here goes: You're right, she's wrong, and the judge is going to sentence her to a...
  14. Medical Malpractice: Re: Did Not Receive Settlement $ from Attorney

    First, my condolences on the loss of your daughter - can't imagine how horrific this has been for you.

    Second, I'm glad to hear that you've changed your mind about wanting to sue the attorney,...
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    Compensation and Overtime: Re: Misled by Company About Pay Rate

    Pearl-clutching hysterics isn't going to suddenly make the law change. You have been given accurate answers by people who have spent DECADES working in HR. If you don't like the correct answers...
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    Re: Shoplifting

    Dear child, a mistake is wearing one brown sock and one black sock. What you did was willfully steal. Let me guess -- you stole what? Makeup? Clothes? Because if you didn't have the funds for...
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    Re: Shoplifting

    No one here can predict whether they will follow through by calling the cops on a thief. They should, but perhaps you're going to be a lucky thief. At least this time. Because every time you steal...
  18. Non-Performance and Breach: Re: Contractor Does Not Provide Receipt After Getting Paid

    If getting a receipt is so important to you, AND his work-quality is low, why did you hire him again?
  19. Re: My Tax Refund Was Offset to California EDD

    Did you ever owe EDD money? If so, how long ago did you pay them off?
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Wrongful Conviction- and I'm the "Victim"

    Statements like this is why you're not taken seriously, Harold. What, exactly, do you think evidence is?
  21. Re: Pitbull Attacked Our Shihtzu. Owner Grabbed His Dog and Fled

    That sort of pearl-clutching hysteria is not a good look, Harold. Read Mark47n's post very carefully and you may learn something.
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    Re: Fresh Verizon Wireless Collection

    Why do you think you'd be eligible to file bankruptcy over this? Seriously, this is a LOT of pearl-clutching over such a small issue. Pay your debt and sin no more.
  23. Re: Possible Problem if I Deposit Cash in Bank Account

    Did you read Taxing Matter's post carefully? The case he quoted addresses the issue you will face if your husband is called to testify about these supposed gifts.
  24. Re: Removal of Personal Images on Auxiliary Company Public Facebook Page

    Why do you believe that the photographer doesn't hold the copyrights?
  25. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Can You Request a Motion to Dismiss at a Change of Plea Hearing

    You have such an oddly skewed version of reality. Why is that? Because as Mark47n pointed out, you post a LOT. And my guess is that although "despise" may be a strong word, that there are many...
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