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  1. Initiation of Charges: Do You Have Rights to Prosecution if You Are a Victim with a Criminal Record

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: MI

    If a crime is committed against you, do you have a right to seek prosecution even if you have a criminal record or a history/reputation with...
  2. Criminal Investigations: Can Police Omit Relevant Evidence from Their Police Reports

    My question involves police conduct in the State of: MI

    Can police omit relevant evidence from the police reports that they send to prosecution for authorization? In other words, do prosecutors...
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    Other Offenses: Re: Is Threatening Suicide Illegal

    I played this one wrong several years back and let my girlfriend continue with the self harm and suicide ideation without seeking help or informing others, thinking it could compromise her...
  4. Probation and Parole: Probation Violation Hearing for an Amended Term of Probation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: MI

    I was recently called back to MI on a probation violation for a very capricious issue that involved using someoneís name on a Facebook post I...
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    Stalking: Re: Can I Report Someone Based on Suspicion

    I used to suffer from a period of pretty heavy psychosis related to some PTSD I was experiencing. Itís not uncommon for people struggling with major mental illnesses to completely lack...
  6. Sex Offenses: Re: Aggressive Bouncer, Claims of Sex Offense

    Isnít there also a crime called indecent private exposure, which could fall under these circumstances? Iíve heard of people being charged with this in NY city park bathroom stings.
  7. Domestic Violence: Re: Domestic Violence

    In Michigan the state takes over the DV case, you don’t have a say over whether or not it will be prosecuted because it is a crime against The People Of Michigan. What I have seen work in some...
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    Criminal Records: Re: Police Agency Phone Record System

    By special information I was basically referring to notes that could assist the front desk police in handling that particular caller. Like maybe they have a history with the agency and are mentally...
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    Criminal Records: Police Agency Phone Record System

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: MI

    Is it possible that a police agency could have a computer system connected to their phone lines that automatically pulls up any criminal...
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    Initiation of Charges: Re: Are Grand Juries Fair

    It’s not a homework assignment, just a curiosity. I have no legal affiliation professionally or academically. I ask based on personal experience with a system that uses exclusively prosecutorial...
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    Initiation of Charges: Are Grand Juries Fair

    My question involves criminal law for the state of:MI

    Are grand juries fairer or less biased with less chance for corruption or ulterior influences than full prosecutorial discretion when it comes...
  12. Privacy Crimes: Re: Is It Legal to Record a Police Officer Calling You

    Wait, so your statements over a phone call can’t be used as evidence in a court case then?
  13. Police Conduct: Re: Is It Legal to Record a Police Officer Calling You

    This university is one of nations flagship public universities, so it was both large and well funded enough to have its own full service police agency with a full squad of sworn police officers, and...
  14. Police Conduct: Re: Is It Legal to Record a Police Officer Calling You

    In my case, I had already been misquoted and straight up lied about things I said or did by detectives from his agency, on prior occasions in court. I had very little trust that they wouldn’t do it...
  15. Police Conduct: Police Recording of Calls Without Consent

    Yet the police are allowed to record your calls to/from the station without consent. I tried this with a shady leautenant investigator once from an out of state university police department that I...
  16. Search and Seizure: Can the Police Strike Your Groin During a Pat Down

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: MI

    During intake at jail awhile back I was stricken in the groin by a sheriff doing a pat down. I nearly keeled over in pain. I was completely...
  17. Domestic Violence: Re: Pregnant Daughter Was Arrested for Primary Domestic Instigation/ Florida

    Lol, yup. I once was involved in a situation where I was forced to remove a knife from a suicidal person who had just sliced their wrist and then restrain them so they couldn’t harm themselves...
  18. Towing: Re: Legality of Tow

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Do you know if this is something I would be able to do in a small claims court without representation, or would I have to hire a lawyer and address it in a municipal...
  19. Towing: When Can a Store Tow You From its Parking Lot

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: OR

    I recently parked my vehicle at a popular chain convenience store that I have frequented almost daily for the past couple of months. ...
  20. Hindrance of Civil Rights: State Orders Ban from Travel to Their State

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: virgina

    Can a state legally ban a person from entering their territory for a length of time? Isnít there an amendment that protects against...
  21. Police Conduct: Re: Police Maleficience

    Yeah 2.5 years to report it to the city police because I finally learned they had jurisdiction over the incident because of where it happened, not who had the evidence (long weird story) which was...
  22. Police Conduct: Re: Police Maleficience

    Thank you. All is basically understood about this situation at this point, after 5 years and a ton of talking to different people in various professional capacities. There’s are some other...
  23. Police Conduct: Re: Police Maleficience

    I understand. But with all due respect then, how can this country claim equality under law and have any sort of faith in its justice system and due process, if regional politics and personal...
  24. Police Conduct: Re: Police Maleficience

    Thanks for the insight. Yeah the events are all well documented, it was a really crappy experience. Sad when politics outweigh the letter of the law sometimes, but I guess that’s just how it works.
  25. Police Conduct: Police Interference With a Criminal Investigation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: MI

    5 years I ago I was sexually assaulted by my female domestic partner at the time, requiring surgery to correct. This incident was reported...
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