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    Consumer Law Issues: Re: Asus Customer Service

    If there is any such rule, it means that manufacturers have to make parts available on the open market so you can buy them from retailers or get repairs done at local repair shops. Chances are that...
  2. Civil Rights Issues: Re: Is There Any Law or Legislation to Protect Civil Rights of Litigant Pro Se

    Posting History will explain the litigation issues.
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    Re: Selling Co-Owned Property

    Partition might not be the appropriate action if this has to do with the marital home that was the subject of your divorce:
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    Legal Permanent Residency: Re: Countries Offer Dual Citizenship

    I know of one. Poland. Because my grandparents came from there. There is a rumor in my family that we can claim dual citizenship but I haven't verified that.

    Why don't you google your question and...
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    Re: Stop Payment Made in Tx

    Might avoid a lot of hassle and delay if the contractor show this to the customer along with a written demand. The clock doesn't start running until after the notice is received.
  6. Background Checks: Re: Advise on How to Answer Background Check Question

    Then you answer with the same explanation you gave the first time, indicating you were hired back then in spite of the record and that now it's ___ years in the distant past.

    No. You can do...
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    Seller Disclosure: Re: No Appraisal = Fraud

    Check PACER to see if he has actually filed bankruptcy and what kind.
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    Repossession: Re: Unlawful Repossession


    If any of it's still there.

    Google Repo horror stories and you'll find that many have gone to the storage yard only to find all of their stuff gone and nobody knows nuthin.
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    Re: Stop Payment Made in Tx

    She owes you the amount of the check and any bank fees you were charged.

    As for "and such" I don't know what that is so I can't say if she owes it to you.

    Should be obvious. You sue her if...
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    Seller Disclosure: Re: No Appraisal = Fraud

    Well, that's the only part of your post with a question mark so, no, there was no fraud. He and his lawyer will say anything to get you to capitulate.

    I think you have a lot of leverage. He's got...
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    Repossession: Re: Unlawful Repossession

    What happened after that? Did he leave without your truck?

    The bottom line here is that the repo man CAN do whatever he has the ability to do.

    Therefore he CAN move your wife's vehicle and...
  12. Re: Neighbor Thinks He Owns Past His Surveyed Boundaries

    Call the police about the trespassing and the theft.

    Sue him and get an injunction against him coming on to your property.
  13. Social Security Issues: Re: Can We Choose a Different Ss Office to Be Seen at

    There's only one way you will find out and that's by asking.

    Since it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission, I suggest you do the walk-in at the second location.

    Bring a book or an...
  14. Banking: Re: [Pls. Move to Real Estate] Need Mortgage Servicer to Send Duplicate Notices

    You've got that right. Short of conservatorship, I can guarantee that they won't give you the time of day because you are not a borrower.

    Then get her refinanced with another lender. A credit...
  15. Loan Agreements: Re: Return Loaner Car with Flat Tire,paid for a New Tire,1 Week Later Dealership Want

    My opinion for the two cents that it's worth is that the more talking (or asking) you do, the more trouble you get yourself into.

    My advice: Break off all contact with those people. If they call...
  16. Social Security Issues: Re: Collecting Ss Benefits - Can Employer Cut My Pay

    As long as you are paid minimum wage, the employer can pay you whatever he wants to pay.

    And you, of course, are free to seek employment elsewhere.

    On the other hand, perhaps you should talk to...
  17. Re: Thought I Purchase a Townhome with a Detatched Garage

    No, I'm not a real estate lawyer and I'm not a realtor. However, my knowledge is rather extensive but I won't bore you with those details. JK touched on a number of items that I would have also...
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    Probate Court Procedure: Re: Recording Letters of Administration

    Recording any document with the County Recorder involves taking the original to the Recorders office, paying a fee, and leaving the document so it can be assigned a recorder number and scanned into...
  19. Re: I Buy a Motorcycle Without a Tiltle and a Hand Written Bile of Sale

    Check out the following search results. There appear to be some hints as to where you will find a second VIN on the bike.

  20. Re: Vehicle Safety Barrier/Guard Rail Removal

    It's possible that previous owners had problems with drivers cutting across the property and complained to the city and got the guard rail installed.

    I suggest you let it be.

    Maybe you can get...
  21. Re: Collecting on a Small Claims Judgement


    But I'm not so sure that you need the SSN for wage garnishment, assuming you know who his employer is.

    Might cost you less up front to have him summoned for a debtors examination under...
  22. Consumer Law Issues: Re: C.o.d Contract "Balance Due at Installation"

    How much time has elapsed between those two sentences?

    And does "I am being sued" mean you have been served a summons and complaint with a court name and case number, signed by a judge or court...
  23. Loan Agreements: Re: Return Loaner Car with Flat Tire,paid for a New Tire,1 Week Later Dealership Want

    I can't imagine why you would pay for a flat tire (or anything else) that wasn't your fault.

    Anyway, you got your own car back. I would quit doing business with that dealer and just wait and see...
  24. Re: Thought I Purchase a Townhome with a Detatched Garage

    I don't know if I missed this or not and I don't want to go back over all that information.

    Did your purchase contract say you were buying a town house and a detached garage? If it did and the...
  25. Enforcement of Judgments: Re: Wife Refuses to Take Her Name Off of Boat Title That is in My Possession and Gran

    And if the agreement happens to be written in your divorce "decree" that's filed with the court, you won't need a separate lawsuit, you would take additional action through the divorce case.
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