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  1. Re: Fyi: Google Flagging This Site As 'Containing Malicious Software'

    There was a link to a malware site somewhere. It's probably gone. The problem is google won't clear the alert until the admin signs on there and pushes it. Unfortunately, site administration is...
  2. Asset Protection: Re: Protectinc Property from Partner's Next of Kin

    The other thing you need to be clear with your co-owner is that they should not do anything to break the joint tenancy. Just because the deed was granted JTWROS doesn't mean one party can't...
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    Re: Emergency Injunction - State or Federal

    I told you why in a prior post.
    You don't seem to have a compelling case that permits one:
    1. You don't show that you are likely to prevail.
    2. You don't show that no other equitable relief is...
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    Re: Emergency Injunction - State or Federal

    Cool story, Bro. What makes you think you've got a case for an injunction?
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    Re: Tax Exemption

    Note, that the way the law now stands, if there is any non-conforming use (e.g., rental) in the 60 month period, the exclusion gets prorated.
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    Re: Emergency Injunction - State or Federal

    Understand that injunctions, especially emergency ones, aren't particularly easy to get. You have to show that you have to show you will be likely to prevail on whatever civil issue you have, that...
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    Re: Emancipation, Emotional Abuse (New York)

    And "abuse" is never a factor in determining emancipation. Despite what you think you know of the term from eighth-grade social studies, it is not a mechanism to escape parental enslavement, but a...
  8. Re: Panhandling, Lie-Sit, Sidewalk Within Shopping Center

    Well, Harold, you are worse than defense attorney. Your so-called legal advice very much can get people in trouble.

    You're wrong is just about every thing you've said, as usual. The security...
  9. Re: Panhandling, Lie-Sit, Sidewalk Within Shopping Center

    The shopping center is likely private property even though it is open to the public. The owner or person in control (lessee) and their agents (security) are free to tell you to move along for any...
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    Re: Panhandling in Pa

    In PA more often than not it's charged as Disorderly Conduct and other related offenses: loitering, disorderly conduct, failure to disperse, obstructing public way. All in 18 PaCS 5500 on.
  11. Trademarks: Re: Can Someone Use a Trademarked Company Name As Their Email

    Nothing stops you from doing that. If you do business using something that is a trademark in a way that causes confusion with the legitimate holder of the mark or dilutes a famous mark, you can be...
  12. Naturalization: Re: How Domestic Violence Affects Naturalization

    She needs an immigration lawyer.
    She is required to report this and explain it on her N-400.
    It WILL come up during the interview.
    Just what the impact will be depends on circumstances that...
  13. Re: So I Started Working for a Holding Sign Company As an Independent Contractor

    Not only that, but he needs to be paying HIS share of the employment taxes for the employer and provide workman's comp. He also should seriously consider liability insurance to cover his and his...
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    Starting a Business: Re: Not for Profit LLC

    You have two issues: the IRS and California. They are somewhat independent.

    Just because you are a non-profit in California doesn't get you out of paying the franchise tax. You need to be...
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    Title Ownership: Re: Selling a Motorcylce with a Notorized Title

    Didn't use google, I went straight to the source, the Commonwealth's pages on title transfer and the related sections of the pacs.

    But no matter how I got the answer, it's a damn sight better than...
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    Title Ownership: Re: Selling a Motorcylce with a Notorized Title

    Because, Mr. KnowNothing, it is required in Pennsylvania that the person whose name is on the title sign the assignment in front of a notary and list the assignee. In the case of licensed dealers,...
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    Title Ownership: Re: Selling a Motorcylce with a Notorized Title

    What does California have to do with the price of Potatoes. The poster is in Pennsylvania, and that's the only law that matters.

    As TM points out correctly (without the useless noise from Hal),...
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    Re: Tampering with Court Transcripts

    A judge can not be subject to a defamation action based on anything they issue from the bench.

    If you have a chance to appeal the issues in question, you're going to need an attorney. It will...
  19. Homeowners Associations: Re: City Requires Me to Remove Tree and Fix Pavers (Tree is Hoa's Territory)

    Actually, it's quite possible he is the owner of the tree and as far as the city is likely concerned, it's his responsibility. He may have his own course of action against the HOA.
  20. Ownership Rights: Re: Co-Owned Car with Fiancée - Relationship Ending

    Further, it doesn't make a difference in Florida. Both "and" and "or" on titles create joint ownership and the state requires both to sign any transfers.
  21. Civil Rights Issues: Re: What Laws Might Have Been Broken by the "Trump Train" in Texas

    18 USC 241 Conspiracy against rights
    18 USC 594 Intimidation against voters
    18 USC 1201 Kidnapping
    18 USC 1851 Interference with Commerce
    18 USC 2331 Terrorism.
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    Re: Mortgage W an Escrow for Property Tax

    Some locations collect property tax in advance and some in arrears. So in the case of the latter, you still owe money up until the closing. If you have been paying a mortgage that includes an...
  23. Re: Any Way to Find Out if I Am Paying Fair Market Value for a Property


    Your argument was you could bypass the commission and deal directly with the seller. That's not true. The seller is obligated to pay the brokerage commission. It makes no difference to...
  24. Re: Any Way to Find Out if I Am Paying Fair Market Value for a Property

    Sorry Harold, but your comment is bogus. That would hold true if you got to the seller before he signed a listing agreement, but in most cases, the seller is is listed and has a contract to pay 6%...
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    Re: Accident While on Restricted License

    Are you saying you were driving in violation of the restrictions?
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