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    Stepfather's Family is Hiding Mother's Car

    A few years ago my mother purchased a used car. She wanted it put in her name and mine since I am her POA. She was, and still is, married at the time. She wasn't for sure the marriage was going to...
  2. Life Insurance: Nursing Home Demands To Be Life Insurance Beneficiary

    My mother is in a nursing home and we are in the process of putting her on Medicaid. The nursing home says that we have to sign over the policy to them. It's only 4200 and was purchased for her...
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    Serving as Agent: Getting Out Of Being Power Of Attorney

    I became POA for my mother about 3 years ago after her first stroke. I took care of selling of the farm and paying her medical bills. She had very little money left-over. She's had several strokes...
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