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  1. Re: Can Anyone Place a Tow Sticker on Your Vehicle

    I don't know what Georgia legally allows. In Florida you can have a car towed by the Board if the car is illegally parked and if it is on private property. However, there are definite legal and...
  2. Re: Vandalism of Public Property in the Condominium

    What does your city's/state's building code say? How many handicapped spots should you have? It would be a surprise to me if Georgia claims that handicapped signs on private property are public...
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    Re: Vote by Abstention

    Don't wind yourself up too tightly.

    The overriding legal factor is what applies in Florida and what applies in Florida are Florida statutes and your documents.

    Again, refer to what Florida...
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    Re: Vote by Abstention

    I would say, "Yes".

    Florida Statute 718.111(10(b) says: "A director of the association who is present at a meeting of its board at which action on any corporate matter is taken shall be presumed...
  5. Re: When is an Employee Considered to be a Property Manager

    Unless they are licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation per Florida statute, I believe you are right and they are circumventing the law. I don't care what title they give...
  6. Re: When is an Employee Considered to be a Property Manager

    In Florida, the managers of residential condominiums having 50 or more units or having an annual budget of $100,000 or more, are required to be licensed by the Department of Business and Professional...
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    Re: How to Interpret My Bylaws

    Your president interprets correctly. Many times associations do not give the same privilege to renters as they give to owners. The reason for this is because owners have a tendency to obey rules...
  8. Re: Board/Management Changed 4-Year Assessment to 6+ Years


    When all of us give advice we must realize that condo laws change from state to state.

    First, and foremost, check your docs, although I don't think they will cover this matter. If...
  9. Re: Fined by HOA for My Ex-Girlfriend's Antics

    Magnus ... correct.

    She was your guest and you were responsible for her actions while she was on the grounds. The end.

    Why would the other homeowner be held responsible? He wouldn't have...
  10. Re: Material Changes Passed Over Objections of Owners "for Safety Issues"

    Magnus is correct. They are on a slippery slope to say the least. I sit on a Board in Florida and have for some time.

    My first astonishment with your dilemma is that you say that you only need...
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    Re: Aggressive Condo President

    You might want to ask yourself why this person has had to be president for ten years? It's probably because no one else wants the thankless job.

    Atlhough I believe there is no excuse for abusing...
  12. Re: What is Proper Filing Date for Recall Petition

    If you want a legal opinion that go to an attorney to get one. We are not attorneys but give the best advice we can from experience and serving on Boards.

    I am on a Board in Florida and if you...
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    Re: Budget Preparation

    I am a resident of Florida, a condominium owner and a member of a Board. The answer to your question is "Yes" it is legal.

    I don't know how many units are in your condominium but that's all the...
  14. Re: Can HOA Charge Me for an Interior Repair That I Was Not Aware Of

    If it is as you describe it, then it is not an emergency repair. But how would the Board even know that there was a problem if it didn't affect another unit or a common element?
  15. Re: Can HOA Charge Me for an Interior Repair That I Was Not Aware of

    But did it affect in any way another unit or the common elements? If it did, it was an "emergency". If it didn't, then you have a problem with your Board because Florida law does not allow entry by...
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    Re: ADA and Furniture in Hallways

    If this person is obstructing traffic it would definitely be a fire code violation, whether he has a handicap or not.

    My suggestion is to first contact your city's building code department to see...
  17. Re: Can HOA Charge Me for an Interior Repair That I Was Not Aware of

    I'm not familiar with the laws in the state of Georgia but in Florida any Board member is allowed in a unit for "emergency" repairs. Emergency repairs includes a plumbing leak that is affecting...
  18. Re: Can HOA Charge Me for a Interior Repaire That I Was Not Aware of

    What state are you in?
  19. Re: Different Rules for Owners and Renters, Legal

    I too live in Florida.

    Usually renters have basically the same rights as owners do. When an owner rents he usually turns over most his rights to the renter. As a matter of fact, it is customary...
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    Re: Who Are the Actual Owners

    Frankly I'm astonished that your Board does not know who all the owners are. That should be a prerequisite to owning in the building. However, read your documents which should clarify your rights.
  21. Re: Can Association Force Me to Leave My Unit Empty

    The word "assigning" usually means that you are giving someone title to the propety. I don't believe that you can interpret it any other way. You state that you have asked your aunt is stay in the...
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    Re: Parking Issue with HOA

    The developer can assign all he wants and to whatever he wants but unless the parking space is actually deeded and filed with the Clerk of the court to the specific unit it is part of the common...
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    Re: How to Remove the Board of Directors

    SChin FCFhin is correct in many respects. Above all, check your docs. However, you must always check your state law also. Your Arizona state law was changed in 2005. See below.

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    Condo & Co-Op Boards and Associations: Re: Voting by Proxy

    I'm not a resident of the state of Oklahoma and condominium rules change from state to state. However, it is usual to mail out agendas for annual meetings well ahead of time to the owners. In...
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    Re: Parking Issue with HOA

    To daisydivot:

    The answer to your question re "Can the COA just 'reassign' a space that has been paired with the same condo by the developer 25 years to no space at all without consent?" is "yes"...
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