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  1. Benefits for Injured Workers: Re: Doctor Recommended Disc Replacement But Insurance Denied Surgery

    I strongly suggest that you apply for SSDI if you have not already done so, not only might you be eligible for benefits but you would have already been eligible for Medi-Care last fall, which gives...
  2. Drug Possession: Re: Arrested Due To Doctor's Error On A Prescription

    Well, before you get your hopes too "high";)
    You better inform you attorney of your postings on this and the other forums you frequent and where you have a 9 page thread on this same subject posted,...
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    Re: Child Born Abroad

    If you are in California, go to the Family Law Facilitator's office located in your county's Superior Court. They will help you file the papers before your child is born to establish Paternity. ...
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    Re: Oral Argument In An Appeals Case

    Since you won't answer the simple question I asked, to determine any local rules in your jurisdiction, it is impossible to answer or direct you to an answer. Whatever reasons you have for not...
  5. Divorce: Re: Service Of Divorce Papers From Another State

    That may be exactly why he is doing that, to leave you with bills. Contact legal aid if you have lived in Texas and are a resident of Texas, you may start the divorce there.
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    Re: Oral argument in appeals case

    In what county was this action filed and what are your grounds for appeal? Appeals are a very specialized area of law.
  7. Re: Statute limitations on paternity action in Texas

    Thank you for the update, what you say happened was always a possibility, one which I believe I mentioned in one of your threads due to the chronology you provided. Once the DNA is done this should...
  8. Medical Malpractice: Re: Possible Malpractice Over Undiagnosed Lung Cancer

    Has your father discussed with his doctors what the prognosis of aggressive cancer treatment in an 89 year old man with cardiac history vs the quality of life with palliative care?
  9. Sex Offenses: Re: Daughter Drugged, Raped and Left With Diseases By An NFL Player

    I suggest you contact local law enforcement and report the sexual assault and possible other charges related to your daughter being a minor. While the likelihood of prosecuting the "rape" is slim at...
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    Arrest Warrants: Re: Police ID Checks And Outstanding Warrants

    This is not an issue with you?

    If your crimes were committed in a different state, it may be a while before the police in Ohio get them online. If you have a common name it might be a while...
  11. Sex Offenses: Re: Daughter drugged & raped by NFL player and was also left with diseases

    While you are angry, we have to ask a few questions.
    In what state did this happen?
    How old is your daughter.
    Did she report the "Rape" the usual term is "Sexual Assault" to anyone besides you?...
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    Child Abuse: Re: Am I a mandated reporter?

    Don't put words in our collective mouths. You are avoiding the subject of mandated reporting because of your own criminal history of shoplifting and are afraid of being caught if you report it to a...
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    Child Abuse: Re: False Child Abuse Report: Worst Case Scenerio

    You keep asking a slightly different question when you don't get the answer you want to hear.
    You have asked this question several different ways including if you are a mandated reporter.
    I believe...
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    Child Abuse: Re: Am I a mandated reporter?

    Most likely you are a mandated reporter, but this is something about which you should document and then consult your clinical and/or school supervisor. Interns, trainees and or other employees are...
  15. Medical Malpractice: Re: Could this be Malpractice?

    If you have a known documented drug allergy then your pharmacy records should also be flagged, then the pharmacist can call the prescribing doctor for a different Rx. Sometimes it is not an allergy...
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    Disability Benefits: Marriage, Income and SSI Benefits

    Private Message: SSI

    Today, 06:13 AM
    Junior Member
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    Default SSI
    My question is, can I still be married to my wife and not live with her, for her to...
  17. Re: Noncustodial Parent is Moving Across the Country

    It sounds like time you filed for a modification of the parenting plan if you need these questions answered by the ocurt so there is a way to clarify and enforce.
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    Divorce: Re: Bigamy and Remarriage

    Did you ever get a divorce from your wife?
  19. Re: Ex-boyfriend claimed baby and now denies it's his child

    If he signed an acknowledgement of paternity then your daughter can petition the court for custody and child support. This windfall for a child born on the last day of the year will only happen one...
  20. Defamation: Re: Falsely Accused, Harassed, Wrongfully Arrested, Damage to Professional Status

    I am not going to respond to you any more, you are either incompetent or have some other intent.
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    Adoption of Children: Re: Adoption of Cousins baby

    Please consult an attorney in Idaho, adoptions can be tricky and parents may change their minds.
  22. Defamation: Re: Falsely Accused, Harassed, Wrongfully Arrested, Damage to Professional Status

    If you are not being forthright with us, then your only option is to consult another attorney.

    As another poster said, it sounds like you were represented by an attorney and given deferred...
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    Libel: Re: Internet libel and cyber harassment

    My only response is you are free to retain an attorney and seek their advice.
  24. Re: What now???

    Has paternity been established?
    If so, how and when? The date.
    If paternity was established, why did you wait so long to file for support when dad lived so close?
  25. Re: Questions regarding letter received for Paternity test

    Well, that is good news for you and possibly explains why she didn't pursue paternity before now.
    While good news for you, this child doesn't have a father.
    Thanks for the UPDATE!
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