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  1. Divorce: Re: Can I Sell My House

    Yes, I completely agree. Just trying to determine best strategy at this point. Thank you.


    Yes, I am paraphrasing. I'd rather not include ruling verbatim. I agree. Just trying to...
  2. Divorce: Re: Can I Sell My House

    Sorry, yes I do have an attorney. This has been a very ugly case subsequently following a 2yr marriage prior to wife filing for divorce back in 9/2015, and submitting an Order of Protection against...
  3. Divorce: Can You Sell the Marital Home While a Divorce Appeal is Pending

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: Tennessee
    I just received an Opinion and Memorandum from a judge regarding my divorce case. It was a 2yr marriage, and I purchased my home prior to...
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