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  1. Background Checks: Re: How Far Back Will Employers Investigate for a Security Clearance

    If the investigation is for a clearance of a high enough level, expect the investigator to talk in person with friends and relatives that are familiar with the brother in law and for the criminal...
  2. Criminal Records: Re: Will This Stay on My Record

    As has been said by others, arrests and charges do show up on criminal background checks along with the disposition of the charge. In Mass, an employer can't ask about your criminal record on...
  3. Domestic Violence: Re: What's the Penalty for Second Offense Domestic Assault

    If you are not already working with a domestic violence advocate in your area, please take a moment and give them a call. Not only are they going to be in a better position to tell you what is...
  4. Domestic Violence: Re: Domestic Violence Victim is Not Reporting Abuse

    The National Domestic Violence hotline 1-800-799-7233 is open 24 hours a day and the advocates that staff the line are trained to listen to victims and have many resources available if a victim is...
  5. Probation and Parole: Re: Can't Do D.v. Classes Due to P.t.s.d

    Having been treated for PTSD, perhaps I can have some empathy, but a life void of triggers is not an entitlement. Anyway, avoiding triggers takes a lot of energy. Learning to deal with triggers...
  6. Hiring: Re: Background Check

    If it is any consolation, New York has protection for persons with convictions and strict limits on how employers are able to use and consider criminal records. If they determine not to hire her...
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    Modification of Custody: Re: Losing Custody to Abusers

    You need an attorney for your situation and you need to listen to your attorney carefully. Your attorney is going to be much more informative regarding your particular situation than any...
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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Supervised Visitation Before a Court Order

    This is a very reasonable suggestion and a very reasonable fee. If Dad is traveling the distance you state to visit the child, then it would seem very unreasonable that you could not beg or borrow...
  9. Modification of Custody: Re: Can My Ex Get Custody Because I Live with a Felon

    This was my thought. The tone just doesn't ring true. It lacks the "it was all my fault because I beat him first and made him do it and he didn't really hit me hard, in fact I lied about being hit...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Should I Return Shoplifted Items

    they were garbanzos. And I bet you are right. Kind of funny though, because can you imagine the effort that would be involved in tampering with a can of garbanzo beans...

    - - - Updated - - -...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Should I Return Shoplifted Items

    I had this happen at Wal Mart. Purchased a lot of groceries and an approximately 4 ounce can of beans was wedged in the cart. I had completely missed them when I unloaded my cart. I realized what...
  12. Nuisance: Re: Releasing Body Fluids on the Property

    my favorite post title in at least a few months.
  13. Unlawful Entry: Re: What Protections Exist for Someone Who Reports Employer Who Hires Illegals

    what state?
  14. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Temp Order of Protection Can't See My Child

    You don’t mention if you are married or how long ago your daughter’s father took the child. These details matter. You also didn’t provide any details on why you took out the restraining order. ...
  15. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Why was a Travel Restriction Imposed on Only One Parent

    Listen to the advocate and the attorney and also perhaps most importantly, your own intuition when it comes to the risk your ex may or may not pose. Stay safe. Good luck.
  16. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Establishing Child's Residency, Where They Can Go on Visitation

    Have you reached out to the national or Wisconsin Domestic Violence Hotline and are you currently working with a Domestic Violence advocate? If not, you should be. An advocate is free and can...
  17. Defamation: Re: Falsely Accused by Ex-Wife, Cause Lost of Job, Now Can't Find Work Due to Arrest

    Being "no-billed" is not the same thing as being declared innocent. A no bill means the evidence was insufficient to proceed to trial. You might actually be guilty. Or completely innocent. But the...
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    Child Neglect: Re: Child Left in Car

    As you have been told, you need an attorney. There are high profile cases, annually, and across the country about kids left in the car and tragic outcomes. It also doesn't take very long at all...
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    Spousal Support and Alimony: Re: Alimony After 5-Year Marriage

    I love you Doggie, but disagree professionally. Five years is LONG time to be out of the workforce and reenter in a professional capacity. It doesn't mean it won't happen, but it is possible (if...
  20. Defamation: Re: Written And/or Spoken Review of a Healthcare Professional

    The youtube idea seems kind of risky. In my area, news channels love to take citizen complaints and do a "news team" investigates. This might be something to try, and the reporters generally seem...
  21. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Shoplifting $15 Item and Paying Almost $90 for Items Scanned

    I have the same problem and I am not being sarcastic. Watching items scan doesn't hold my attention for an iota of a second. If an item did not scan, I would not notice. I also an terrible at data...
  22. Modification of Custody: Re: Sociopathic Ex is Using the System to Harass and Drain Me

    OP, are you working with a local domestic violence advocate? Advocates may have some helpful pointers, knowledge of legal aid, or other resources that you might tap into to help. Advocates are...
  23. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Shoplifting $15 Item and Paying Almost $90 for Items Scanned

    Having watched people struggle with self scan check outs, OP's story is plausible to me, although I am sure that same weakness (failure to scan) is exploited by thieves. Mr. K's advice to have a...
  24. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Rights of the 17 Year Old on Length of Visit

    You would be in compliance with the court order if son came home after four weeks rather than the six Dad booked. There is nothing that would allow son to choose to take less visitation then is...
  25. Unemployment Benefits: Re: Food For Thought

    CA is very employee friendly, so filing for unemployment is always a possibility.

    That said, you need to review Assembly Bill 263 before you push too hard up against your employer and their...
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