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    Criminal Law Issues: Waiver Case Information from Embassy

    I was convicted of 2 felony charges for copyrights violations and have a H1-B visa and received 3 years probation.

    I had to leave the U.S for family matters and am attempting to get obtain a new...
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    Proof of Payment Issue

    My question involves traffic court in the State of: california.

    following a non guilty plea for a traffic violation , i was given a 10 day notice to say bail for a court date. To avoid the 4 hour...
  3. Rental Agreements: Re: Can a Lease Be Unilaterally Modified After Signing?

    No I dont usually pay late rent, I tend to pay it early.

    However I made the mistake of depositing my paycheck through an ATM this month and that caused a 5 day hold I was not anticipating (there...
  4. Rental Agreements: Can a Lease Be Unilaterally Modified After Signing?

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California.

    I wanted to know whether a landlord can modify details of a lease after it had been signed.

    Specifically, can my landlord...
  5. Banking: Bank Notification Requirement for Deposit Holds

    My question involves a banking matter in the State of: california

    does a bank have to legally notify you if they want to place a hold on funds from a deposit ?

    in my situation my bank did...
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