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    Patents: Re: What Does This Patent Mean

    Hmm, it's strange... If I click the link I go to the right page...

    Ok, I'm quoting the claim:
    A system and method for the matching of database records based on the similarity between fields in...
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    Patents: Patent of a Database Query Method

    I'm a little bit confused. I have found the patent by the link
  3. Patents: Re: Possible Risk of Patent Infringement

    Ok, suppose I would hire an attorney and pay him. He analyzes a matter and confirms that my idea is different from those two patented inventions (according to his understanding of technical aspects)....
  4. Patents: How to Be Certain Your Idea Doesn't Infringe a Patent

    I have the idea of creating a some computer system. The principle of its work sounds similar to what two companies had already patented, nonetheless my idea is not completely analogous and some...
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