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  1. Fences and Walls: Re: Can HOA Force Us to Share Fence Within Our Property Line with Neighbor

    In what way is the neighbor using your fence? It sounds like he just built his own fence along a different property line.
  2. Behavior Issues: Re: My 16 (Soon to Be 17) Y/O Girlfriend's Mother Says We Can't Date After 1 1/2 Year

    dating children is how you end up in prison.

    enticing a minor child across state lines is how you end up in Federal Prison

    then once you get out you end up a registered sex offender / child sex...
  3. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Will I Get a Criminal Record for Shoplifting if Police Didnít Physically Come

    it's not imposible to get charged but at this point is seems like they would have proceeded already if they were going to.

    do not under any circumstance enter that store or any other in the chain...
  4. Survivors Benefits: Re: Can a Representative Payee Use a Beneficiary's Funds to Buy a Car

    it's a 2007 car, it's already 10 years old, by the time your brother is of age you will not be putting it into his name because there is no reasonable expectation that the car will still be operable...
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    Other Violations: Re: Ticket for Stopping a Car on Railroad Tracks

    Second 'a' in railroad tracks is lowercase.

    you need to be prepared for the possibility that a is clearer on the original.
  6. Disabilities and Accommodation: Re: Late on Rent While on Temp Disability

    are you getting enough income now to afford your ongoing rental and basic needs? if so you should go to social services and apply for help getting caught up on your rent. Every state structures...
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    Disability Benefits: Re: Acceptable Spending of SSI Funds

    SSI funds are your money once you receive them, as long as you don't use them for illegal items or substance, and as long as you are truthful at reexamination and report any income per the program...
  8. Copyright Law: Re: Create a Website That Lists Cultural Events in Town - Copyright Issues

    worst case, something you infringe has a registered copyright entitling the owner to up to $150,000 in damages if they prove willful infringement (easy since you willfully copied their content to...
  9. Roommates: Re: Boyfriend Kicking Girlfriend Out.but Still Wants Her Rent

    he has no authority to kick her out, she is still obligated to the landlord to pay the rent.
  10. Rent and Utilities: Re: Landlord is Using My Address

    you can buy a return to sender stamper at any office supply store for 10 bucks or less, or if the mailings are infrequent just write it on them or run a sheet of return address stickers through your...
  11. Online Services: Re: Warnings on the People Search Type Sites and the Law

    it should be effective under FCRA, but the base issue of getting sued for defamation doens't go away. you can't say that Michelle Leslie Brown from 225th Street that plays ball in the park slept with...
  12. Disqualification: Re: Risk Losing UI Benefits for Refusing Overseas Job Offer

    if salary and work location are not nailed down yet, it should be safe to proceed with the application at least until you know those.

    if once you get that info you continue to pursue it, then...
  13. Medical Malpractice: Re: Can an Er Refuse to Treat a Patient in Pain

    the ER is only obligated to stabilize you, they are not required to treat most conditions at all.
  14. Criminal Investigations: Re: What Can You Do if an Officer Leaves Details Out of the Police Report

    you should check your carbon monoxide detector, CO can cause blackouts and paranoia
  15. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Failing to Scan an Item at the Self-Scanner When Distracted

    it's for the report they will be filing with CPS.

    Committing a crime with your children present is extremely serious.
  16. Other Injuries: Re: Snowboarding Teaching Accident

    you need insurance, if your insurance company insists on waivers or offers discount if you use them, use them.
  17. Ending a Contract: Re: Conflict of Interest

    the company can go after or fire their employee who is potentially acting outside the best interests of the company, neither that employee nor the company has an obligation to you.
  18. Expenses and Reimbursement: Re: Can an Employer Make a Truck Driver Pay the Cost of an Overweight Ticket

    Your employer isn't making you pay anything.

    The government is fining you.

    the fact that your boss is offering to pay half the cost of your screw up is pretty cool of him, it would be...
  19. Defamation: Re: If I'm Being Personally Named in Defamation:

    you will not find anyone to work a defamation case against anonymous internet commenters on contingency.

    you are looking at years of work and 5 figures+ all without knowing if anyone doing it is...
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    Copyright Law: Re: Is It Copyright Infringement

    a help file would be a copyrighted work, so yes.
  21. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Alarm when Exiting Store, My Responsibility

    i once had a CD wallet in my backpack set off a detector on my way into the store, best i could tel the stack of CDs resembled a security tag to the scanner.
  22. Getting Fired: Re: Termination of Protected Class Employee in At-Will State

    the plaintiff has an attorney, you need to as well. do what your attorney says if you already have one.
  23. Other Injuries: Re: Special Needs Student Liability for Damages to Personal Property

    he's still 18
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    Collection Lawsuits: Re: Below What Amount is It Worth a Bank Suing for

    whenever they determine it is in their interests to do so.

    some days they may go strictly on their estimated expenditure/return for the lawsuit, other times they may decide to file some...
  25. Establishing an Order: Re: If He Signs Over Total Custody of Child Can He Be Ordered Later to Pay Child Supp

    the only situation that would relieve him of his obligation would be if mom gets married and he signs off n a stepparent adoption.
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